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Medical Centers use Faculty Learning Communities for Faculty Development - including online

"With Similar Goals, Medical Centers Offer Dífferent Pathways For
Faculty Development," Amy Rothman Schonfeld, PhD, Academic Physician & Scientist, May 2007.  Excerpt below from PDF Version 

"The approach adopted by the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix is to create 'faculty learning communities' (FLCs), a model developed by Milton Cox, PhD, that has been used in education for more than 20 years but is relatively new to medical education (

"Each FLC has a  life span of one year.  It is also unique in that participants
must apply for admission and be selected—and then make a commitment to meet regularly with the group for about two hours every month. No financial incentives or schedule allowances are offered from participants’
home institutions to attend."
"Each meeting generally has a topic that has been chosen by the participants, and
discussion is led by a member. The sidebar lists some sample seminar topics.
Participants are also expected to complete an individual scholarly project. These
projects commonly focus on teaching (e.g., “Using Bedside Portable Ultrasound to Perform Rapid Diagnostic Paracentesis”), curriculum development (“Developing a Curriculum in Evidence-Based Learning”), or course redesign (“Using Learner-Centered Teaching in a Child Psychiatry Residency”). The projects tap into published literature, as well as other resources, including
the individual’s own experiences and input from fellow FLC members. Each session allows time for each member to update the group on his or her progress, and ask for the group’s input on any particular problems.

"At the end of the year, projects are presented to the medical community at large at a FLC Scholarly Teaching Symposium."

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Faculty Learning Communities: Online Synchronous Successful Example! FridayLive! 8/31 2pmET Online Free #TLTGfrlv TLTGroup

"Online Synchronous Faculty Learning Communities - It Can be Done Successfully!
Recommendations and findings from first full-year experience (with physician educators)."

We've gone way beyond tin can telephones!
August 31, 2012 at 2:00 pm ET - free to all. Register in advance

Guests: Charles “Chip” Finch, D.O., Chair, Department of Integrated Medicine, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM); Tracy Middleton, D.O., Chair, Department of Family Medicine, AZCOM; Linda L. Carr, Ph.D., CEO, Faculty-Ed Solutions, LLC

Description and discussion, including assessment of effectiveness, of one of very first [almost] entirely online Faculty Learning Communities;

Lessons learned and recommendations - for presenters' and others' next online synchronous FLC (Faculty Learning Communities)

Many colleges and universities--including medical schools--are developing Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) as a means to provide meaningful faculty development. FLCs are voluntary, multi-disciplinary, year-long, structured communities of practice of size 8-12, meeting monthly (or bi-weekly) with a facilitator as a member, and include building community and the development of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

This session will share the results of an attempt to measure the effectiveness of a Faculty Learning Community that adopted a synchronous, web-based format, supported by e-mail and learning management tools for both on- and off-campus clinical faculty at a medical school, including those preceptors in remote areas of the state. Effectiveness measures include both qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (pre/post survey) assessments of the meaningfulness of this faculty development experience.

In this FridayLive!, the presenters and guests will discuss these findings and share experiences with and suggestions for using web conference technology in online Faculty Learning Communities. Presenters will address some of the following questions:

  • How do Faculty Learning Communities differ from other types of faculty development programs?

  • How effective was the online Faculty Learning Community in meeting the needs of the university medical school?
  • What critical elements need to be considered when selecting web conferencing technology for faculty development (i.e., Faculty Learning Community)?
  • What role did the co-facilitators, university administrator, faculty developer/consultant play in creating an effective online Faculty Learning Community?
  • Under what conditions is an online Faculty Learning Community likely to be effective?
  • What lessons were learned and what changes, if any, will be made with future online FLCs?

Selected participants' comments from FIRST online (via Webex) FLC session (Nov 2, 2010) as reported by presenter Linda Carr:

- "I think the technology is great ..."

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Silver Cloud Stories + Plan Higher Ed Retirees Workshop Teach/Learn/Connect Online. TLT Group Symposium TOMORROW 8/16 1pmET

Silver Cloud - TLT Group's Annual Online Summer Symposium  
August 8, 14, and 16 at 1:00 - 2:00pm ET  + optional 30 mins "afterthoughts".  Free to TLT Group Individual Members; Fee for non-member registration $250.  Register: 

Aug 16:  We'll finish this year's Symposium with personal stories of life in the Silver Cloud - stories of transitions;  collaborative planning our first Silver Cloud online workshop;  review our Silver Cloud Call for Proposals (CFP Working Draft).

Stories from higher education retirees who actively teach, learn, and connect online;  stories of transitions from successful academic careers to vibrant retirement - or vibrant pseudo/semi retirement: 
  • Stories of how and when people entered retirement (earlier/later than expected?);
  • Stories of how  the reality does/doesn't align with  expectations, hopes, and fears;
  • Stories of obstacles to continuing to connect with colleagues and continuing to share their accumulated skills, knowledge, and wisdom; and
  • Stories of successful steps taken by Silver Cloudians to overcome those obstacles.

Online Workshop by/for Silver Cloudians & CFP
We'll continue planning the workshop that was discussed at the end of the previous Symposium session:  An online workshop offered by Silver Cloudians for their colleagues.   This workshop will both demonstrate and describe options available for retirees:  options for teaching, learning, and connecting with colleagues online.   We'll also review the Call for Proposals (CFP Working Draftfor additional online offerings for and from Silver Cloudians.

Who are the Silver Cloudians?  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Silver Cloud Retirement Myths for Higher Educ & Call For Proposals: TLT Group Online Symposium TOMORROW 8/14 1pm ET

Silver Cloud - TLT Group's Annual Online Summer Symposium  

August 8, 14, and 16 at 1:00 - 2:00pm ET  + optional 30 mins "afterthoughts".  Free to TLT Group Individual Members; Fee for non-member registration $250.  Register: 

Who are the Silver Cloudians?  
Those facing a new confluence of Confusion, Ignorance, and Fear
associated  with the rapidly changing options for (and external pressures toward):

A. Online teaching, learning, and networking
B. Retirement

Who are Silver Cloudians?  ...the unprecedentedly large cohort of higher ed "baby boomer" professionals facing
ACCELERATED/DELAYED/PARTIAL retirement from academic careers in the midst of economic recession and info tech revolution?
What can they offer?  What do they want, need?    [Even beyond reserved parking?] 

Aug. 8 - Overview - Identify resources, needs
Aug. 14 - Myths & CFP - Identify challenging myths and develop Call for Proposals
Aug. 16 - Stories - illustrative, provocative, useful

Aug 14 we'll follow-up previous sessions by identifying relevant myths about higher education retirement options and related online teaching/learning/networking options.
We'll explore myths, questions, etc.  and develop a related Call for Proposals - for online offerings during 2012-13.

Sample Myths & Related Questions:

  1. I know when I'm going to retire, what my finances will support, and what im going to be doing.
  2. I understand Medicare. 
  3. I understand several of the important current options for online teaching and learning - including synchronous/asynchronous, text/audio/video, mega-course support, open educational resources, etc INCLUDING THOSE MOST FAVORED AND BEST SUPPORTED BY MY "HOME" INSTITUTION. 

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No tlt group online sessions fri aug 3

Pls forward or send this update to any/everyone re no online TLTG frlv fri aug 3. No keepingup session fri aug 3. 

Sally & I are asst cooks this week at Catoctin Quaker Camp where phone/internet Service is even iffier than usual! 
We'll be home Sunday. 
Symposium 8/8 keeps looking better!
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What do YOU want higher ed leaders to consider when changing faculty retirement policies? #silvercloudtltg

"Silver Cloud" Online Symposium 1pmET Aug8 ABOUT&FOR higher ed. retirees help colleagues/undergrads online 

What do YOU want your president, board, legislators, ... to consider when changing faculty retirement policies? See below for other questions we'll explore together.
Join us for the 1st of 3 online symposium sessions next Wed. 8/8 1pm ET.  Our guest will be Valerie Martin Conley, Associate Professor & Director, Center for Higher Education, Ohio University.

"Her research interests focus on faculty retirement, part-time faculty, academic labor market and management issues. "Some of her recent publications include ...New Ways to Phase into Retirement: Options for Faculty and Institutions (a co-edited volume of New Directions for Higher Education with David W. Leslie)."- above excerpt is from Aug 2, 2012

Silver Cloud - TLT Group's Annual Online Summer Symposium
Who are Silver Cloudians? What can they offer? What do they want, need? August 8, 14, and 16 at 1:00 - 2:00pm ET + optional 30 mins "afterthoughts". Free to TLT Group Individual Members; Fee for non-member registration $250.

Questions we'll consider: