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TGIF: Happy 4th of July from the TLT Group

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Forty-second issue Volume Seven

TLT Group TGIF 7.2.2014           
From Group World Headquarters

Interested in a book read over the summer? Use this survey to tell us what you think.

The TLT Group is working on the schedule for next year.  Your thoughts and ideas are welcome, please e-mail them to Beth Dailey,

TLT members interested in enhancing online teaching skills may be interested in viewing past FridayLive and Member Exchange events. We have two recommendations below.

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  • if you have participated in or registered for TOL4B you will receive a $25 discount. Enter discount code TLO4B.
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  • if you are a current student you will receive a $50 discount. Enter discount code: STUDENT.
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    More from the TLT-SWG Blog

    Members Exchange
    The TLT Group uses DIIGO to store resources shared during FridayLive sessions. Dale Parker is the official TLT DIIGO curator. If you are interested in learning more about DIIGO, this link will take TLT members to a  DIIGO Designated Learner session conducted on 11/6/13.
    The TLT Group DIIGO repository can be accessed here.

    TLT Members might be interested in viewing the May 10, 2013 recording, Transitioning to Online Teaching - What are 7 things a new online teacher needs to know?” Link to recording.
    Margaret Driscoll compiled what came out of a survey of TLT members and the May 10, 20120 FridayLive conversation in this document, “TLT Beginner’s Advice.”

      MOOCs Round Seven:
      Looking for  future ideas, send them our way,


      We want to hear from you, Give us feedback on the TOL4B

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