Thursday, March 06, 2008

Introducing The TLT Group: Why Subscribe?

As you probably know, Steve Gilbert has been doing pioneering work on brief hybrid workshops - workshops that:
  • Are only 5-15 minutes long (short enough that people will be able to find a moment to do the workshop, even on a busy day);
  • Involve a little learning by doing and interpersonal interaction; and
  • Are well enough supported with eClips and other materials so that peers can use them to help peers to learn something useful.
The other day Steve challenged me to create some brief hybrid workshops about The TLT Group. The notion is that these materials would be used by someone who would like to tell colleagues about The TLT Group so that they could discuss whether or not their institution should subscribe. Here's my first attempt at such a workshop:

I've tried it yesterday while visiting the University of Alabama (where we just did a great workshop, one of the goals of which was to spread the word about all the different benefits of their subscription). Ideally people at our workshop can now use these materials if they want to tell other people (who didn't attend) about what their subscription offers.

What do you think? Would you use these materials to help your colleagues learn about The TLT Group? If the workshop design or materials needs to be tweaked before you'd use it, what would you like us to change?

Thanks for your help!