Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shared Governance - Making Respectful Trade-offs - Rick Detweiler - ANSWER

Audio attached to this blog posting is an excerpt from
"Overload, Shared Governance & Productive Assessment New Paradoxes (and Paradigms?) "
Interview of Richard A. Detweiler (Rick), President, Great Lakes Colleges Association, December 7, 2005, by Steven W. Gilbert, President, The TLT Group

Audio attachment to this blog posting is a recording of Detweiler's response to the Gilbert's final question [condensed]:
Do you see a shift away from older patterns of shared governance when lines could be drawn more clearly and easily between different parts of an educational institution? When making trade-offs across those lines was usually unnecessary? What if anything could be done to help faculty and others to be involved more comfortably and constructively in these trade-off kinds of decisions?

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