Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What trumps evidence? Engaging in Civil, Constructive Discussion

Mission of "Dangerous Discussions/Clothing the Emperor":
Enable stakeholders who seem committed to opposing views to engage in civil, constructive discussion.

Role of evidence, trust, partisanship, ..... from
Clothing the Emperor Mission and Methodology:
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Anticipate how different kinds of arguments can be resolved. Identify the kinds of evidence that can be made accessible and useful to participants. What kinds of evidence will be respected? What other factors matter?
What "trumps" evidence?

E.g., what priorities might modify the influence of evidence on important decisions
about this issue?

"... there was a time when partisanship took second place to trust ..."
From "When the House Could Clean Itself," By Joseph A. Califano Jr., Washington Post, Wednesday, October 4, 2006; A25


I. Ask "Why bother?" "Who cares?"

II. Describe the issue fairly

III. Identify desirable, feasible outcomes:
"Visions Worth Working Toward"

IV. Establish guidelines, priorities, evidence


V. Plan, Assess, Adjust, Do

VI. Engage deeply

VII. Use technology appropriately

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