Sunday, January 28, 2007

2007 Resolutions From/For Compassionate Pioneers - INVITATION

Please help develop and share some New Year's resolutions -
From and for Compassionate Pioneers.

A "compassionate pioneer" is someone who has demonstrated commitments to BOTH exploring new educational and technological options AND helping colleagues - at least some of the time.

On Friday, February 2nd, at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific) the TLT Group’s weekly, interactive FridayLive! series will be devoted to discussing these three questions for 2007:
1. In what ways do you want your personal and professional life
more separated or more integrated?

2. What are you going to do for yourself?

To make your life better personally or professionally?
  • NOTE: If you are inclined to consider this question too self-centered, remember why airplane the flight attendants always say:
  • "In the event of an emergency an oxygen mask will drop down in front of you. If you are traveling with a child or someone who needs assistance place the oxygen mask on yourself first and then on your child." Most of us need to take care of ourselves first in order to help others effectively.

3. How are you going to help make the world better in some small way?

Please contribute via one or more of these options - at your convenience:
For more information about this online session and related resources, see:

FridayLive! is a free, interactive, Internet-accessible series moderated by Steven W. Gilbert, President, The TLT Group, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST each week. We cover a wide range of topics related to teaching, learning, and technology.

For more information about the FridayLive! series:

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