Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Top 10 Assessment Objections [5 min audio attached, slides available]

Top 10 Objections to Assessment in Higher Education
And how to think about and respond to them! March 30, 2007

Join 2 Steves of the TLT Group 2pm EDT FRIDAY March 30

Any of these sound familiar?

• Just tell me the least I can do to keep the assessment advocates off my back.
I've never seen an assessment that was worth the time and money.
• Outsiders use assessment to grab power - to control people, programs or budgets
• Studies are a waste of time. The findings don't change anyone's conclusions.
• Setting assessment-oriented objectives will distort what we do best in this program
• It's too soon for assessment. Let's wait until things are running well
• Assessment may be OK in theory but I don't have time.
• Assessing costs? Just an excuse to cut budgets and jobs!
• More assessment? We already grade students and have a student course evaluation system.
• By the time we get any results from an assessment, they'll be obsolete.
• I already know more about my courses and students than any 'assessment' can tell me.

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For an EXCELLENT introduction, examples, and some additional resources, click here.

Direct link to 5-minute preparatory, introductory "workshop" - QuickTime

To help us plan a more successful session this Friday, please take 2-3 minutes to fill out this survey. Tell us which objections should be the focus of our session!

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What We Will Do on March 30

We'll offer a variety of resources to help people working on activities where "assessment" can trigger a dangerous discussion, e.g., assessment training, accreditation, student course evaluation, testing programs, personnel evaluation, cost analyses... This FridayLive! session will discuss several techniques for avoiding needless controversy (arguments that can happen even when people actually agree with one another) and for shining a flashlight on real disagreements.

For free-but-required advance registration, go to:
http://www.tltgroup.org/Registration/Registration/Frid aylive.htm

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