Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is Your 8th Principle?

What is the 8th Principle for Improving Undergraduate Education? Caring, Authenticity, Loving to Learn, Reflection...?

FridayLive! June 15, 2007 2PM EDT
Online Registration - free, but required in advance

Moderator: Steven W. Gilbert, President, TLT Group

Guests: Karen Casto, Kathleen Young, Western Wash. Univ.

We're not really proposing to extend the classic Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education, but we do hope to engage people in thinking about what they might add to make the original seven more applicable to themselves, to these times, to their own experience, to their own institutions.

I've already used this activity quite successfully on some campuses, and I've begun to collect some interesting nominations for 8th Principles: Caring, Authenticity, Loving to Learn, Reflection, etc.
What are your suggestions? Click here to add your nomination for an 8th Principle.

In this June 15, 2007 FridayLive! session I'll be leading a discussion - both online and involving anyone who joins me on the Earlham campus.

We'll begin with a very brief review of Chickering & Gamson's Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education. We'll "play" a couple of pre-recordings (each less than 5 minutes) of comments that might inspire a variety of new "nominations" for the 8th Principle. This session is intended to provide and demonstrate a way of inviting people to think more deeply than usual about their own values, priorities and goals for education, for teaching and learning - and the role of technology.

One of the remarkable "clips" we'll play is "Attending Genocide Conference" by Kathleen Young of the Anthropology Dept., Western Wash. Univ. "" - about 4.5 minutes. Young describes taking some of her undergrad students to the International Genocide Conference in Sarajevo in 2005. The video-recording is embedded in a Website and related portfolio of materials (including student essays both text and photographic). See one of the student essays by clicking on "Because I was there" at

Another clip - perhaps an even more personal comment - "How I came to teach the holocaust" - a 2.5 minute YouTube eClip produced by Cayo Gamber, Univ. Writing Program, Geo. Wash. Univ.

I hope you'll be joining one of the activities described above!

Steve Gilbert

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