Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ever Nanovated?

From Steve Gilbert
Have you ever nanovated?    
  • Tried an improvement in teaching/learning with technology - more than once?
        [Alternative:  Tried an improvement once and never again?]  
  • Gotten some feedback about that improvement and changed it?
        [Alternative:  Didn't get any feedback or ignored feedback?]
  • Helped at least two colleagues make similar improvements - in ways that made it likely they would try it more than once, collect feedback, help at least two more colleagues... etc.?
        [Alternative:  Didn't help anyone?  Helped some colleagues but they didn't help others?]
Help!  Survey!  
Please respond to our brief online survey about nanovation. 
Your responses will help us prepare for online discussions of examples and factors that support or hinder nanovations.  

Join the first, probably most exploratory, of these online discussions tomorrow: 
Note:  Do you have other ways of describing or confirming a successful dissemination and use of an improvement in teaching and learning with technology?  What other ways have you used for identifying successful dissemination and use of improvements in teaching and learning with technology?  

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