Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Frugal Innovations - The Workshop

1.  What?  Why?

Individuals each identify one or two shareworthy, low-threshold, shareable improvements in teaching/learning with technology from their own experience.

2.  Which One?
Form small group.  Discuss each others' improvements.  Select one for the group.

3.  How?       
Develop 1st draft of materials to introduce this improvement.

4  Who, When, Where?  Strategy
Develop plan for use of materials to share this improvement.
 "Why me?  Why now?"

Sample Workshop Plan/Resources - Evolving rapidly
Used at Lilly-Greensboro 2011 Conference - Feb, 2011
Notes - to be integrated above soon!  SWG 20110209

Local Politics
     priorities, resources, limitations, opportunities

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