Friday, July 20, 2012

TODAY 2pmET Pilot TLTGroup FridayLive! Summer Rerun “Gearing Up for Online Teaching” Guest Login:

TODAY (7/20 2pm ET!)
1st VERY ROUGH DRAFT Pilot Test “Proof of Concept”
TLT Group FridayLive! Summer Rerun/Update
Gearing Up for Online Teaching
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Presenter in recording of previous FridayLive! session: Jennifer McCrickerd, Associate Professor, Philosophy, Drake University

This “Summer Rerun” session will begin with a recorded clip from a previous FridayLive! in which Jennifer McCrickerd explained some of the challenges she was anticipating in her first online teaching experience.  She was committed to provide online students with options for high-quality learning based on course goals that she had developed over several years of teaching a similar course in the classroom.

In the 2011-2012 academic year, Jennifer McCrickerd, a highly respected and effective experienced classroom teacher, prepared to teach online for the first time in the summer of 2012. In two TLT Group FridayLive! online sessions, she shared her expectations, hopes, and concerns as she was prompted to think anew about teaching principles, practices, and resources.  McCrickerd extended her commitment to draw on learning theory and recent research to inform her preparation for online teaching. During the FridayLive! sessions, McCrickerd requested and received suggestions from participants who had a variety of online teaching/learning experiences.  Jennifer is currently (Summer, 2012) putting these plans into action and will offer at least one follow-up FridayLive! session this fall to describe and comment further on her first online teaching experience - as compared with her expectations!

                   SUMMER RERUN INTRO
                   PLAY RECORDED EXCERPT (ECLIP)
                   LIVE INTERACTION
2:30pm ET AFTERTHOUGHTS [10-30]

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