Thursday, April 18, 2013

Discuss Case 2 “Jingoistic Ethnocentrism in Online Course” in FridayLive! 4/19 2pmET #TLTGfrlv free online

When Bad Things Happen in Good Online Courses - Part II
(Re)Clothing the Emperor 

(Re)Clothing the Emperor
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John Sener & Steve Gilbert, et al. will discuss each Case, such as the one described here. We'll clarify problems (identify expectations, options, resources, limitations, responsibilities), and develop useful advice - both supplemental and structural. 
Case 2 Jingoistic Ethnocentrism (re Globalization - Diversity)
"...when instructors and courses took an American-centric perspective and refused to understand the importance of personalization in online learning -- in this case insisting all students (regardless of country of origin) follow US education standards and use American data bases instead of encouraging Canadian students to use resources from our own country."

IMAGE selected by Steve Gilbert 20120606
Drawing or etching for the story "Emperor's New Clothes" "Pour la source voir : fr:Discuter:Contes_d%27Andersen Vignette de fr:Les Habits Neufs du Grand-Duc par Bertall représentant le Grand Duc et son nouvel habit..." 4 April 2006 (original upload date) Author Bertall (1820 - 1882); Original uploader was Sapcal22 at fr.wikisource
By Bertall (1820 - 1882);Sapcal22 at fr.wikisource (Transferred from fr.wikisource) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons This image is in the public domain.
This is a faithful photographic reproduction of an original two-dimensional work of art. The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason:
This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.
Bertall ill Les Habits Neufs du Grand Duc duc.png

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