Friday, October 17, 2014

Over-hyped-tech mystery-quote solved: Add your favorite! Oct24 FridayLive! Piglet or Padlet?

Excerpt from "Content and Its Discontents," The Financial Page, by James Surowiecki,  The NewYorker,  OCTOBER 20, 2014 ISSUE

"Netflix has always provoked hyperbole, with boosters saying that it will change everything and skeptics prophesying its imminent downfall. It has gone from Wall Street darling to Wall Street disaster and back again. Twice, the stock price has fallen more than sixty per cent in a matter of months—in 2011 and 2012—but, since the start of 2013, it has risen more than three hundred per cent. At the moment, Netflix can do no wrong. Practically everything the company does is being treated as radical and, of course, 'hugely disruptive.'

"The hype is misleading." 

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