Saturday, August 13, 2005

Friday Live #1 Sept 15, 2006

topic: Intro to Friday Live - what is it? what will it be doing for you? how did it come about? maybe boudreaux story; explain Dangerous Discussion CtE threads and Quicktake/Spotlight tech elements.

from marketing:

TLTG Begins New Series: Friday Live with Steve Gilbert.

Friday Live, a new interactive regular offering from TLT Group, will alternate between Clothing the Emperor and Quick-LTA sessions each month.

The hour-long online events begin at 2:00 pm EDT on Friday afternoons. For those participants who register by clicking the link at the end of the message, the September events for Friday Live are offered free of charge. We hope you’ll take advantage of this bargain to sample what Friday Live will be like.

What are Clothing the Emperor sessions?

These conversations focus on “Dangerous Discussions” facing higher education today. As in the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, we hope to reveal the misrepresentations and misunderstandings cloaking the controversies which, in many cases, have been obscured. While our goal in these sessions is to demystify and de-hype, we are also eager to promote clarity and understanding as we build the foundation for further civil and constructive conversations. Participants are encouraged to add comments and questions during the session.

What are Quick-LTA sessions?

If you are overwhelmed by the range of available tools, these Quick-LTA sessions might be for you. These sessions are especially designed for the “I-am-not-a-techie” educator with limited time or those of you responsible for helping others learn such skills. A participant can spend a few minutes and learn to work with a new technology tool or process. We aim to give you what you need in the first 15 to 20 minutes, but we will be available to provide more help for the remainder of the hour.

Dates and Topics:

9/15 2pm EDT Friday Live KickOff: Introduction to the Friday Live series

9/18 3pm EDT Clothing the Emperor: Open Source in the Community College with Arta Szathmary and Willie Pritchard at 3pm EDT

9/22 2pm EDT Clothing the Emperor: Realistic Expectations for Faculty Learning and Using New T/L Options with Phyllis Worthy- Dawkins, Johnson C Smith University

9/29 2pm EDT Quick-LTA: Hints to Avoid Overload - Focus on Demystifying Feeds


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