Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hybrid Small Group Professional Dev


We're looking for a couple co-leader/presenters for a new online workshop – closely related to what we proposed several months ago as an important theme for our work with POD. As a way of helping us to move forward with this theme, we want to offer one of our online workshops ABOUT how to do professional development on campuses in ways that take advantage of both online and face-to-face options, both new [and old] ways of using information technology and working with small groups face-to-face. We've tentatively schedule this workshop for Nov 29, Dec 6, Dec 13 3pm Eastern 2006.

I would esp. like to get a couple of POD folks to work with us as co-leader/presenters, esp. if they already have had some experience working with groups of faculty in face-to-face workshops on their own campuses AND using some live online activities. Pls recommend people you would really like to have as leader/presenters for such a workshop – and don't be reluctant to recommend yourself(ves) or colleagues from your own institutions!

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