Monday, June 12, 2006

Boudreaux - Paris Story [Cajun Academic Humor]

My favorite Boudreaux story - the classic - "Boudreaux Goes to Paris"; attached (1.5 minute MP3 - also avail. from TLT-SWG podcast).

Moral of the Story: Choose A or B

A. You can't always rely on technology...

B. If the learner doesn't understand the purpose of instructional technology being used, everyone's time can be wasted.

Hope you enjoy it!
Steve Gilbert
PS: For more Boudreaux stories, go to:

NOTE: David E. Boudreaux, native and resident of Thibodaux, La., is Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Nicholls State University. We appreciate the warmth, good nature, and underlying care for humanity that often emerges from his unique "Cajun Academic Humor." Boudreaux's stories have provided welcome breaks in our ever-busier, ever more fragmented lives, and helped us regain a broader, healthier perspective.

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