Thursday, April 12, 2007

Share 5-Minute Clips, 5-Minute Hybrid Workshops

Please add a comment to this posting in which you provide a URL (Web address) for one or more 5-minute clips and/or 5-minute hybrid workshops. (Definitions below.)

Please add at least one sentence for each example in which you describe it. Please add your name and email address and any other contact info you would like - including times when you would prefer NOT to be contacted about this! If you have any trouble adding a comment, or simply prefer an alternative, send your info to

Thanks for your help!
Steve Gilbert

For more examples in many formats/media and other resources go to:

"5-Minute Hybrid Workshops" & "Clips"
Working Definitions - As of April, 2007
Use of term "hybrid" here is confusing to some. We welcome clearer 1 or 2 word alternatives.

Clip vs. Workshop
A "clip" is a pre-recording produced as a single computer file. It may include a variety of media elements: sound, images, text, etc.
A "5-minute hybrid workshop" is the combination of a "clip" AND some other files, activities, documents, ... intended for use together with a group of people in 5 minutes or less. (Of course, some groups may find the materials so fascinating that they extend the session well beyond 5 minutes!)

5-Minute Hybrid Workshops

  • Less Than 5 Minutes
    When run without interruption, the pre-recorded elements require less than 5 minutes!
    [Note: The person "playing" the pre-recording may be so intrigued by some references that she/he may interrupt the session to examine those items more closely. Such activities may quite legitimately extend the required time well beyond 5 minutes!]

  • Faculty/Professional Development (and the improvement of teaching/learning in specific courses)
    Its purpose is to support faculty development, professional development, teaching, or learning.

  • Combination
    It combines SOME of the following: media, modalities, resources, plans, and activities.
    It can have both synchronous and asynchronous components.
    Example A: Entirely synchronous. Within a face-to-face meeting, use of a 2-minute pre-recorded explanation of a technique in conjunction with 1 minute of silent thoughtful reflection and 2 minutes of open discussion.
    Example B: Synchronous + Asynchronous: Within a synchronous online meeting, "play" a 2-minute pre-recorded introduction of a new topic, ending with clear instructions about how to submit questions and comments via a blog for an assignment that is intended to require each student to continue or extend his/her thinking about this new topic for a few more minutes whenever convenient within the next week.

  • Individual or Group
    It may be intended for independent individual use or for group activities such as workshops. For example, a recording of an audio-narrated set of PowerPoint slides could be designed to introduce and demonstrate a single skill to a faculty member working alone in his/her office. Alternatively, an audio-narrated set of PowerPoint slides could be designed to explain a simple teaching strategy, describe one or two examples of its use, and suggest several questions for discussion among a group of faculty during a small portion of a departmental meeting.

  • Internet-Accessible Components
    It includes at least some components available via the Internet.

  • Low-Threshold
    It is to some extent an LTA [Low-Threshold Activities/Application]


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM
    The link above was created using Captivate. The idea was the give a quick overview to instructors of a new CMS that we are launching on campus.

  2. At the Center for Instructional Innovation at Western Washington University we have been using the concept of short videos as part of our innovative teaching showcase published on the web each year since 1999. In past years the showcases have a theme, with last year's being "educating global citizens". We create both written and video materials for these showcases and our goal is for both faculty at our institution and faculty from around the world to be able to use this resource.

    Last year for the first time we used Google to host our videos, in part because we had an ever changing campus video environment, but mostly because Google provides statistics for each video, and also allows users to download the videos, search for appropriate videos, and use them for their own purposes.

    The two highest rated and most viewed and downloaded, according to Google, from last year can be seen at:
    Teaching Russian and
    Attending Genocide Conference

    The full showcase can be seen at 2005-06 Innovative Teaching Showcase

    These videos are all made here at the teaching/learning center, mostly by students.

  3. Here's a You Tube posting that is concerned with a web-based application that permits the sharing of PowerPoint, PDF and Open Office files. It's called SlideShare

    The other example of a 5-minute clip is for ideas regarding the use of technology to promote student-faculty contact or interaction. It was also created and posted on You Tube.

  4. Steve, you and the sample you have collected have convinced me of the tremendous potential for the Five Minute Workshop in faculty development. I would love more discussions of topics such as ...

    * Elements of a good Five Minute Workshop

    * Where and When to Use Video

    Today's TGIF was very helpful!!!!



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