Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year 2012! My New Year's Resolutions (2 Personal 2 Professional) -Steve Gilbert, TLT Group Jan 18

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Walk, laugh, ...That's not me...Yet!
My New Year's resolutions for 2012 - Steve Gilbert  
1.  Increase my walking beyond 3 miles per day.  Sustain this commitment by using LogYourRun iPhone app to monitor, record, and goad me.
2.  Publish at least one TLT-SWG blog post per day and at least one email message per week.
3.  Present one pre-recorded answer to the TLT Group's Fundamental Questions and one LTA (Low-Threshold Activity/Application) a few minutes before beginning each of our weekly FridayLive! sessions.
4.  Find more humor.  Laugh more often.

I'm doing well on #1, OK on #4, just beginning on #3, and further behind on #2 than I planned.  Hope you're doing better so far in 2012!
PS:  You can help with #3!

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Photo of a clown walking on stilts, by John Benson " ibm4381"
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  1. Hi Steven,

    Such a nice post and I like your new years resolutions. Good luck! May you fulfill all of them.



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