Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sustaining New Year's exercise resolutions in spite of 5 (out of 9) common problems

It's not really ALWAYS uphill!
1.  "I'm too far from my goal, so why start?"  "... break up your goal into smaller units,... Little victories, like dropping a pound a week or running an extra minute without stopping, will fuel your momentum."
3.  "I'm bored with my same old routine."...mix activities.
4.  "I don't have the energy." ..."Exercising at even a very easy pace will give you more energy than if you sit it out...."
5.   "No matter how hard I try, something always foils my workout schedule."  ..."People who have a process goal, such as a target number of weekly workouts, stick to their routines with significantly more success than those who focus on a big-picture outcome -- such as losing 20 pounds -- or go along without any specific goal,... they also feel less stressed about squeezing in exercise."
6.  "I just don't have the time." ... try replacing some longer sessions (30-60 minutes each) with several 10-15 minute sessions instead.
- Above quotations are excerpted from "Improve Your Sweatitude: 9 Motivation Rut Busters," by By Liz Neporent in Fitness Magazine Website as of 20120124http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/you-can-do-it/workout-motivation-tips/

Also see TLT-SWG post:  "Already backsliding on New Year's Resolutions? There's hope for our limited willpower! Strategies, Tools,.."

And  see "Beginning a Fitness Walking Program," from the Walking Site

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    I think you should watch this:


  2. http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_buettner_how_to_live_to_be_100.html

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  4. "Danish twins study"...?
    "We are not programmed for longevity"
    "We are programmed for procreative success"
    78 vs 90... leaving "12 years on the table"
    Yuk - I am not "programmed". Very few of you are "programmed".

    "common denominators"
    Boil it down to 9 in 4 main areas:
    Move naturally (often)- walk
    Right outlook (downshift, purpose now)
    Eat Wisely


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