Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Alice Brown answers TLTGroup’s Fundamental Questions re college, university, div or dept threatened with closing

In preparation for free online discussion of her new book  Changing Course: Reinventing Colleges, Avoiding Closure, on Friday, Feb 3, 2012 at 2pm ET, Alice Brown  recorded her answers to the TLT Group's 2 Fundamental Questions:
1.  What do you most want to gain? 
2.  What do you most cherish and want not to lose?
You can hear/see Alice Brown's recording and other people's recorded answers to these questions at - or if we are lucky about Internet conditions and your browser's ability to manage flash files, you can click on the audio player gadget that should appear right here in this blog posting and hear Alice's voice!

Please join us for the 2PM ET BOOK DISCUSSION re Changing Course: Reinventing Colleges, Avoiding Closure, Alice W. Brown  Jossey-Bass 2011 
Register Free:
Alice Brown, Past Pres. Appalachian College Assoc, will be interviewed by  Steve Gilbert.

More about how you can record YOUR answers to our Fundamental Questions and about Alice Brown's answers:  

We also welcome YOUR answers to our Fundamental Questions.  You can record them by phone (includes a toll-free option) the same way Alice did.  That method automatically produces an MP3 file that we can publish to the Web.  Or you can send an MP3 to

We cannot publish all recordings we receive, and we usually do not edit the recordings that we publish.  If you decide later that you don't like your recording, you can record something new using this same method and we will try to use the most recent version that becomes available to us.  Even later, even after we have published your recording, you can send email to in which you indicate that you prefer we no longer use your recording and we will remove or delete your recording as best we can.

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful recorded responses to the TLT Group's Fundamental Questions. 
Steve Gilbert, President, The TLT Group.

Text excerpt from Alice Brown's recording:
...  related to what I hope to gain or preserve during the conversations of the FridayLive session on February 3  ...I hope to gain from hearing about the experiences and insights others have had while working under situations where a college or university or even  a division or department is threatened with closing.  This'll be my first conversation with a group from academia, since publication of my book about colleges closing or almost closing. And I'm interested in hearing reactions to the topic, as well as perhaps, the book.  But knowing what people think of the book is not so important to me as knowing what they think of the topic. For example, how real do such threats seem on the college campuses themselves.
What I hope not to lose is what many consider my greatest liability, my forthrightness.  I hope that the audience and the participants will be honest with me and that I will not be afraid to be honest in return. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas. 

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