Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Intro: New online environment for social & collaborative learning/teaching worldwide CourseNetworking

CN (CourseNetworking; is a very new (still "beta") online environment that emphasizes and supports social and collaborative learning and teaching - worldwide.  CN has begun to enable teachers AND LEARNERS to use online tools and resources that support teaching and learning.  CN facilitates continuing interaction among diverse participants - participants who may live in different parts of the world, be different ages, be prepared for different levels of responsibility for teaching and learning: for sharing information, for guiding the learning of others, and for managing their own learning. TheCN activities often begin around course-like initiatives.
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"TheCN is an online tool that complements classroom teaching and learning practices. It is not another Learning Management System (LMS). It is a new conceptual framework that empowers learning through social networking and is totally free throughout the world. Through theCN, learners and teachers can share information and educational materials through posting and other communication and collaboration tools."
"...first social network focused solely on improved learning in a fun, interesting environment in the cloud that is designed to engage and connect students around the world.
"... social network that goes beyond the students in one class. The system opens the world to any member, suggesting and encouraging connections with peers interested in or engaged in similar coursework and subjects to allow for sharing of notes, posting comments, asking questions, recommending books and articles, writing blogs, assisting with homework and more. Instructors can also share their lecture resources, such as slides, homework, recommended reading, etc.
"Over the last 15 years, Prof. Ali Jafari and IUPUI have initiated, developed, and commercialized a series of successful technology solutions and systems designed for the improvement of teaching and learning. The first project was Oncourse, known to be the first enterprise learning management system. The second project, ANGEL Learning, was seed-funded by Indiana University, was acquired by Blackboard in May, 2009...The third partnership was the Epsilen Environment, majority-owned by the New York Times Company. TheCN is the fourth and most recent innovation.
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