Friday, January 25, 2013

Revamp the Sacred Credit-Hour? Caveat - Need to Clothe the Emperor?

"Carnegie [Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching], the Founder of the Credit-Hour, Seeks Its Makeover" - The Chronicle of Higher Education December 5, 2012 By Dan Berrett Excerpts:

"The credit hour... creator is asking whether it deserves to remain on its throne. 1906, the unit is traditionally defined as one hour of faculty-student contact per week and two hours of outside work over a 15-week semester. Though it was initially invented chiefly to determine faculty members' eligibility to receive a pension, the credit hour has assumed an importance it was never meant to have....A likely alternative is to base a standardized unit on some measure of competency instead of time spent in class, as has been popularized by such institutions as Western Governors University. But single, competency-based metric is likely to replace time as the standard unit of measure.
... Other forces drove Carnegie's decision to reconsider the credit hour, ..including technology, which allows students to learn at their own pace; improved measurement methods; and new insights into how students learn. "

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  1. Odd that the CHE doesn't mention the Degree Qualifications Profile in this article, since they reported on it a year earlier:
    Lumina, NILOA, AAC&U and others are involved:

  2. See also "The Credit Hour Debate" in today's (1/25/13) issue of the CHE.


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