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TGIF -- FridayLive: Seven Futures of American Education

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Fuorth issue, Volume Six

TLT Group TGIF 1.29.2013           
From TLT Group World Headquarters
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    • Using LinkedIn for Silver Cloudian Consulting 1/30
    • VoiceThread: Social Media/Networking Tools/Resources 2/6
    • Online Exploration Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup (sMOOChers) Starts

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Member Exchange Events

Members Exchange
Using LinkedIn for Silver Cloudian Consulting
(This session is free to TLT Group Members $75.00  to others)
January 30, 2013 2:00pm EDT
Leaders: Steve Gilbert, Charles Ansorge, Michael Dabney, Dale Parker, and others

LinkedIn: Michael Dabney and Charles Ansorge will share what they have learned about how LinkedIn may be helpful for collaborative consulting efforts.

Diigo: Dale Parker will demonstrate this online tool, Diigo, might support the work of Silver Cloudians

IDEA: Steve Gilbert will report on work of IDEA and the emerging connection for Silver Cloudians

Brainstorm: future topics.
Plan: February 13th event

Members Exchange
Voice Thread Social Media/Networking Tools/Resources  
This session is free for TLT Group Members Fee for others Register here.
February 6, 2013 2:00 PM ET

Join Penny Kuckkahn, Instructional Designer, Nicolet College as she teaches our designated learner, Robert Voelker-Morris: Faculty Technology Consultant, Univ. of Oregon.  Your pre-work involves setting up a VoiceThread account, bringing along an image, and taking a look at this link to give you some background information.

Seven Futures of American Education:  Improving Teaching and Learning in a Screen Captured World
February 1, 2013  2:00-3:00 pm ET - free to all.  Register in advance

Steve Gilbert interviews John Sener who offers the perspectives of author and parent; of observation, theory, and immersion.  Sener is the author of this thoughtful book about the influence of technology on the future of higher education AND  the parent of a son who is now half-way through his freshman year of college.
Excerpts from book description:
"... digital technologies....are...redefining knowledge, redistributing access, and renegotiating authority -- while education's growing importance is changing expectations about its performance. This combination offers a spectacular opportunity to improve education....by various scenarios -- Free Market Rules, Free Learning Rules, Standards Rule, Cyberdystopia, Steady As She Goes -- whose influences would be disastrous in the extreme but can be beneficial in moderation. ...Online learning ...can also lead the way ...Strategies for re-empowering learning and teaching, such as learning-centered engagement, learner-generated content, and sensible assessment can enhance the value of the interpersonal interactions which are at the heart of learning and teaching."

Up-coming  FridayLive! schedule:

February  8  TBD
February 15 Live from Lilly Greensboro
February 22 Thinking About Violence in our Learning Spaces – Preparation Matters (Steve Bell)
March 1 John Sener returns

      MOOCs Round Two Week One Begins

      sMOOChers  Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup Online Exploration

      January 25, 2013 through March 1, 2013
      PLUS FridayLive! report on March 8, 2013. 2:00-3:00 pm Eastern

      This series of meetings is free to TLT Group Individual Members.$100 for non members.  [Although you are welcome to become an Individual Member for $75 and attend for free.  Check your institution's status here if you have your membership through an institutional subscription.]  Register here.

      Our second cohort will participate in a Coursera course:
      E-learning and Digital Cultures      and meet together to discuss the course content as well as the process
      Almost weekly online synchronous sessions in the TLT Group's Adobe Connect classroom - Fridays, January 25, February 8 and 22, and March 1, 2013. 1-1:30 PM ET.

      E-learning and Digital Cultures
      Jeremy Knox, Sian Bayne, Hamish Macleod, Jen Ross, Christine Sinclair U Edinburgh
      This course will explore how digital cultures and learning cultures connect, and what this means for e-learning theory and practice. Follow this course at #edcmooc.

      Register both for the MOOC and for this TLT Group cohort
      Encourage. Enable. Engage.

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