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TGIF: Exploring Everything LMS on WEDNESDAY!

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Thirtieth first issue         Volume Seven

TLT Group TGIF 4.15.2014           
From Group World Headquarters

Members Exchange on Wednesday
Exploring everything LMS. Join us as we explore these questions and more.
  1. What institutions are exploring, using, requiring, supporting in LMS options for  their faculty - esp faculty who teach online
  2. What non-LMS options are important for faculty to consider using INSTEAD of or in ADDITION to their institution's provided LMS - especially faculty new to teaching fully or partly online

Wondering if the MOOCow Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) is right for you.   
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    Members Exchange
    Walled Garden a.k.a. Learning Management System (LMS)? Planning Session
    April 16, 2014 3-4 pm Eastern
    Steve Gilbert, and others

    Thanks Ilene Frank for getting us
    started!!!!! and connecting us to this phrase “a walled garden.” According to Webopedia, On the Internet, a walled garden refers to a browsing environment that controls the information and Web sites the user is able to access.

    This planning session will focus on two things:
    1. Shaping the Teaching Online for Beginners TwitterChat related to using an LMS for online teaching, and
    2. Shaping the content of the May 9th FridayLive session focusing on the issues, trends and benefits of the Walled Garden a.k.a LMS.

    Link to planning document.

    Upcoming Member Exchange events
    • April 23: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl - Asynch Discussion Options
    • April 30: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl -  Participation via Different Devices

    No FridayLive! This week
    Join us next Friday for
    Competency Based Education: What Was Old is New Again

    Up-coming  FridayLive! schedule:
    • April 25 Competency Based Education: What Was Old is New Again
    • May 2 TBD
    • May 9 “The Walled Garden” a.k.a. The Learning Management System (LMS)?
    • May 16 MOOCOW Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) MOOCow Introduction
    • June 27 A Conversation with Tom Angelo on Assessment

      MOOCs Round Six
      MOOCow Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B)

      MOOCOW = Massively Open Online Course (Or Whatever) -- designed to capture the flexible and experimental nature of this course.
      Join the planning and help further shape the MOOCow:

      • April 23: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl - Asynch Discussion Options
      • April 30: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl - Participation via Different Devices
      Link to planning document

      Provide feedback on tools and strategies to be included.  Link to survey.

      Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B)   May 11 - June, 27, 2014
      Presenters; Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey and Others

      DescriptionTeaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) is a Massive Open Online Course or Whatever (MOOCow) designed to help you, as a successful faculty member in higher education, begin to teach entirely online or include more online resources and activities in your courses. You care about your students and their learning. 

      You care about your students and their learning. You are busy and will continue to be busy. By sampling available options, benefits and drawbacks to teaching online you will cross the starting line. You will experience and experiment with a variety of easy to learn, reliable, widely accessible and least expensive tools and resources and strategies related to creating social presence and building community online.

      You will realize teaching and learning online does not necessarily mean teaching and learning alone, does not require being overworked, giving up your best teaching or losing meaningful contact with students. It can be satisfying and fun.

      The "Action" path through the MOOCow is designed to help you achieve a variety of learning outcomes and ultimately produce a self-introductory video which will become part of a more complete introductory unit in an online course, as per rubric. You may also want to chose a Design It Yourself (DIY) path to meet your own learning goals.

           #TLTGroup, #tltgFRLV, #tltgTOL4B
      Encourage. Enable. Engage.

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