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TGIF: Using Blended Learning to Improve Teaching & Learning on FRLV

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Eleventh issue, Volume Eight
 TLT Group TGIF 11.11.14
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What is “blended learning” anyway? Tell us the ways you are blending learning using this padlet and join us on Friday as we talk together with john Sener about what’s happening now with blended learning and what’s on the horizon.

MakeItStick.jpgWe know that practicing retrieval results in
increased learning especially if spaced. If you are interested in practicing retrieval related to content in the book “Make It Stick” this link will take you to a set of flashcards, http://quizlet.com/57433757/flashcards

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Over-hyped-tech mystery-quote solved: tlt.gs/blog. Add your favorite! Oct24 FridayLive! Piglet or Padlet? tlt.gs/frlv

My VoiceThread Learning Journey Continues

Adobe Connect 9.3 Whiteboard Tool - The Basics and Ideas for Use

 Members Exchange
Informal Conversation with Steve Gilbert
DATE: November 12, 2014
TIME: 3-4 pm Eastern
PRESENTERS: Steve Gilbert, and others
Register Here

Hope you can participate!
  • Online searches:  Ideas, strategies, tools
  • Anything beyond (including) using quotation marks within Google searches...
  • Google alternatives
  • Ilene Frank (Librarian): Searching for closed captioned videosMore search options hiding under "filter"!
Of course, we'll also welcome your requests and favorites!
Of course, we'll also welcome your requests and favorites!
Upcoming Member Exchange events
November 19, 2014 Planning Cognitive Science Book Discussion #2
December 3, 2014 Keeping Up - Semi-Stone Soup: Share Something New, Useful

Blended Learning as Cuisine: Discovering Your Inner Chef
Date: November 14, 2014  
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET - free to all
Presenters: John Sener - Founder/CKO of Sener Knowledge and author of "The Seven Futures of American Education", Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey - TLT Group.

College presidents believe in it.  Articles on education often describe it as the “best of both worlds.” Faculty find it both beneficial and challenging.  One thing is clear: blended learning is here to stay. But what is blended learning? Why is it receiving so much attention, and why are more and more educators using it?

This session will explain what’s happening now with blended learning and what’s on the horizon. In the process, the workshop will help you understand the advantages and challenges of blended learning more clearly and how you can use it effectively to improve learning and teaching. This workshop will also show you how to move into the future by using the metaphor of "blended learning as cuisine" to reframe your concepts from being based on selecting delivery modes to being based on creating learning experiences.

Join us for this interactive and engaging session, where we will explore the notion of blended learning as cuisine -- finding ways to create new learning and teaching experiences at the intersection of practicality and imagination.

In preparation for the webinar, please share 1 or 2 ways you have blended learning. A padlet has been created for us to share ideas.
Up-coming FridayLive events
November 21, 2014 Five Challenges for the Fourth Decade of the “IT Revolution
December 5, 2014 Book Discussion Series - The App Generation......
January 9, 2015  Book Discussion Series - Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

 Book Discussion and “How To” Series

 Cognitive Science Book Discussion Series
The Cognitive Science book discussion series continues on December 5th as we discuss: Gardner, H. & Davis, K. (2013). The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World. New Haven: Yale U. Press. Register Here

There are several ways to participate:
  1. TheAppGeneration.jpgGet your book NOW and start reading.
  2. Visit the book's website
  3. Listen to one of many YouTube videos from the authors:
    1. Katie Davis and The App Generation at Town Hall (37 min)

  4. Come without reading the book or reviews.

The 3rd and final book in our series is  
FICTION: Sloan, Robin (2013)  Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, Picador, New York, NY. (It's a novel, but it deals (colorfully and rivetingly) with the clash between so-called Old Knowledge (books) and New Knowledge (internet and other virtual forms of communication). Not only that, it's a great read--funny, swashbuckling, and serious by turns.)
Join us on January 9, 2015 Register Here
 Encourage. Enable. Engage.

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