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TGIF "Saving our Stuff" on FridayLive!

TGIF: "Saving our Stuff" on FridayLive!

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Thirty-third issue, Volume Eight
TLT Group TGIF 4.14.15
 From TLT Group World

Should we be worried about the "Stuff" we have stored electronically? What if we leave the organization we are presently working for? What if there is a fire, or flood or some other natural disaster? What do we not what to lose and what measures should we take to save it? If you are curious about these issues, join on FridayLive!

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Meerkat, Periscope, livestream video via twitter? v. Zoom? TLTGroup Members Exch KeepingUp 3pmET 20150401 NOT APRIL FOOLING!

Collect Ideas, Discuss, and Vote Using Tricider

 Members Exchange

Evernote Learning Community
Date: April 15, 2015  
Time: 3:00-4:00 pm ET - free to all
Presenters: , Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, TLT Group and others

The intent of this learning community is to explore the various Evernote features together. One of the things we will do in this session is to set up a Notebook and explore how to use this notebook

Our Evernote exploration continues May 13th and again on June 17th.  Join these informal sessions whenever your schedule allows or listen to the recordings.
Two Evernote resources

Upcoming Member Events
April 15, 2015  Evernote Learning Community
April 22, 2015 PLANNING MEETING for May 1st event: LTAs and CATS for Engaging Online Learners
April 29, 2015 Members Exchange: PLANNING MEETING: 3rd Spring 2015 “Book” Discussion - COGNITIVE SCIENCE Brain Rules
May 6, 2015 Keeping Up - - Semi-Stone Soup
Share Something New, Useful
May 13, 2015 Evernote Learning Community

FridayLive! Free to all!
“Saving Our Stuff?” - From Research References to Family Pix: Effective Practices in Personal Digital Archiving for Faculty and Students
Date: April 17, 2015  
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET - free to all
Presenters: Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, TLT Group and others

Suffering from "...link rot, ...content drift, ...and reference rot... "?

What kinds of useful information can we find in the Internet and “Internet Archives”?  Can we find it again?  How can we confidently tell others how to find it … even days, months, years later?  Guidelines and tools for research, bibliographies, and citations.  [Retroactive advice for David Petraus & Hillary Clinton?]

How can internet archives (Wayback Machine, et al.) be used for research? For permanent(?) storage of personal, professional, or institutional work?
What are good options TODAY for protecting (long-term) personal and professional info?  For sustaining access to information produced as an employee of an organization - even when no longer affiliated with the organization?  Even when the organization dies?

We'll describe, discuss, and demonstrate guidelines and tools to help students and faculty use the Wayback Machine, other internet archives, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), and related resources to find, retrieve​, save, share,​ and cite​ online information for their research and instructional activities - legally, effectively, and respectfully.​

For example, is there an MLA format recommended for citing URLs for referenced information from the Wayback Machine?  Embed code available to accompany Flickr images that provides correct citation info!  Using DIIGO to store media plus citation info for later usage and attribution and sharing!

Up-coming FridayLive! Events
April 17, 2015 “Saving Our Stuff?” - From Research References to Family Pix:Effective Practices in Personal Digital Archiving for Faculty and Students  
April 24, 2015 Student Peer Review/Assessment: to Deepen Learning; to Reduce Faculty Workload Both? Either?
May 1, 2015 LTAs and CATS for Engaging Online Learners
May 8, 2015 Spring 2015 “Book” Discussion Series: Brain Rules

May 15, 2013 The Courage to Teach(R) - Experiencing the Circle of Trust(R)

 Spring 2015 Book Discussion Series

May 8, 2015
Medina, John (2014) Brain Rules, (Updated and Expanded): 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School, Seattle, WA: Pear Press
Register Here

June 12, 2015
Alameddine, Rabih (2014) An Unnecessary Woman Nov 11, 2014,  Grove Press
Register Here

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