Friday, November 03, 2006

Advice to Bloggers - Always Use Feed Validator

ADVICE: Run a feed validator often! Why? Because the latest update of the feed automatically created for your blog (or for your Webpage or for whatever is behind your feed) may have "broken" the feed! A good feed validator will show you exactly where the problem is, and then you might need to know a little bit of HTML to fix it - or go back to the original item that is causing the trouble and replace it with a version that has simpler formatting.

I just added "Feed Validator" <> to my list of favorite tools.
[See: Favorite Online & Laptop Tools - SWG ]

From now on, I'm going to try to remember to use Feed Validator every time I add a new posting to this blog! It is too easy for me format a new item in a way that temporarily "breaks" the feeds that are automatically created by Blogger.

After a few weeks hiatus due to death of previous laptop, I just happened to click on one of the buttons that provides access to feed options for this TLT-SWG blog and instead of seeing what I expected, I found an error message. I tried several options, then, finally remembered how I was required to use a diagnostic "Feed Validator" in conjunction with Feed2JS. When I used this particular "Feed Validator" <> this morning, it showed me exactly where the problem was and I easily made the repairs. And I suspect that anyone trying to subscribe to TLT-SWG feeds for the past few weeks has been frustrated because I didn't detect and fix this problem earlier.

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