Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Add Favorite LTA HERE!

Help with our growing collections of LTAs (Low-Threshold Applications/Activities). Add a comment to this posting in which you give a brief title, URL, and the minimum # of words adequate to describe your favorite LTA. Don't hesitate to offer something REALLY simple and easy that you use a lot (unless you are quite sure that everyone you know is already doing that same thing - often they are not!).
For a more general intro to LTAs, see

See our collection of 50 LTAs-of-the-Week developed by 31 different authors:
Current site - as of 11-29-2006, but certain to change early in 2007:

See other LTAs Mapped onto the Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education:

Latest “Quick LTA: Share a PowerPoint collection with students or colleagues via web service "SlideShare":
You can see a sample slideshow developed and displayed via SlideShare by Charles Ansorge as part of planning for our 12/1/2006 FridayLive session at:

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