Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Advice to Bloggers - Always Use Ping-o-Matic

ADVICE: use Ping-o-Matic whenever you think your blog might have gotten messed up in a way that interferes with the RSS or Atom feed available for it.
Ping-o-Matic (free) enables you to get a feed reader or news aggregator or directory to update info from/about a partciular feed immediately - instead of waiting for the next scheduled updating time for that reader/aggregator. E.g., you can get Bloglines to update the current info about the latest change in this blog! Very useful if you suspect that a recent change in your blog (or whatever you are running that produces a feed) has somehow damaged the feed or that something might have happened that will inconvenience your feed subscribers.

I just added "Ping-o-Matic" to my list of favorite tools.
[See: Favorite Online & Laptop Tools - SWG ]

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