Saturday, February 03, 2007

Help! Need webcast telephone connection!

Need 2-way link between Webcast and telephone conference call.
  • Prefer software interface solution (e.g., linking Skype phone call with Webcast connection INSIDE a computer).
  • Hardware device linking computer, phone and headset would be OK, but Andrea PCTI device is inadequate due to local radio interfeernce.
Some people who participate in the Webcast cannot use a headset connected to a computer for audio participation, so they need to be able to use a telephone to connect to a conference call to hear and be heard.

  1. Run live Webcast with 2-way link to telephone conference call.
  2. This link must be monitored and controlled by someone via a headset.
  3. Everyone who is participating in phone conference call must be able to hear everything that is "broadcast" by the Internet Webcast.
  4. Each person who is participating in the phone conference call must be ABLE TO BE heard by everyone who is participating via the Internet in the Webcast. This person needs to be able to click on the microphone to speak option in the Webcast when someone in the telephone conference call wants to speak and be heard by others on the Webcast.

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