Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Take 5 for Teaching" Five-Minute Workshops - Example, "The Last Day of Class"

Provided by Todd Zakrajsek, Director, Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching (FaCIT), Central Michigan University. EMAIL:

Several examples available at:

[5 MINUTE VIDEO] "The Last Day of Class"
Need QuickTime or similar player.

To what extent is it useful to have this available as a 5-minute video recording?
vs. Audio recording?
vs. Text description?

Which combinations of video, audio, text, etc. and a possible face-to-face session would be especially useful? For which purposes?

List of main points from video presentation:

  • Food
  • Undergrad research possibilities
  • Review syllabus
  • Link course content to life
  • Greet students by name
  • Ask for student feedback
  • Discuss what current students would write to students who take course next term
  • Discuss next semester
  • 3 most important things learned in course
  • Describe what TEACHER has learned
  • Self-addressed stamped envelopes for students - encourage later feedback
  • Course-evaluation survey at BEGINNING of session
  • Resist urge to cram in more topics
  • Discuss purpose of course and hopes

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