Monday, November 07, 2011

"Assessment" still a dirty word? Is it: A. Decisive B. Confirming/Refuting C. Acclaiming D. Appeasing, E. Wasteful?

Assessment lightens or adds burden?
[Multiple Choice]  Assessment is:    

[   ] A.    At best (ideally?) DECISIVE:  Information that will help decide among viable, appealing options when available judgment, wisdom, and leadership cannot.
[   ] B.    At best (politically?) CONFIRMATION/REFUTATION:
Confirm what's obvious to us;  refute what's obvious to them.

[   ] C.    At best (most powerfully?) ACCLAMATION :  Overwhelm the need for other evidence by acclaim.
[   ] D.    Too frequently?  APPEASEMENT:  What's the least we can do to get them off our (my) back?
[   ] E1.   Worse UNNECESSARY:  Additional evidence will be ignored - no longer needed;  e.g., studies of benefits/harm of wordprocessing in 1980s.
[   ] E2.   Worst WASTEFUL:  Decision will be made before results are available.
[   ] E3.   Worsest HYPOCRITICAL:  Decision has already been made secretly and study is superfluous

Photo of many lifting elevators/cranes in air simultaneously titled "Elevator up..." by Allen/Inchkaka in Flickr
 Some rights reserved by Inchka

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