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There's an App for That - Kaufman, Lombardo 9:30AM Nov 18 Follow #lilly11 See: Lots of good apps for iPad, android, Chrome browser

There's an App for That - Kaufman, Lombardo 9:30AM Nov 18
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There's an App for That - Kaufman, Lombardo 9:30AM Nov 18 Follow #lilly11 See:

There's an App for That - Kaufman, Lombardo 9:30AM Nov 18

Follow #lilly11 See:  


Many Apps avail for installation and use in Google Chrome browser!


Favorite faculty apps (from survey done at Ashland Univ:


ProLoQuo2Go -  high $180!  but good for people with disabilities/special needs  - almsot equivalent to Dynavox|16134|dynavox||SM|e|9369188230&gclid=CJzvwKe2wKwCFUdn5Qod6GersQ


Brain Pop - app is free, but "in app" downloads have fees

Short videos, quizzes, - mostly aimed at elem, middle schools


Android market more difficult to find good equivalents to iPad apps - so many unregulated options difficult to sort through - but if find good iPad app can search on same devloper and tilte within Android market.


Dragon Dictate - free version has max of 5 minutes;  fee version has no limits?  can say punctuation and have it often correctly "typed"


Apps avail from/within LMS platforms;  e.g., BlackboardLearn app allows students to access Bb course from mobile device



Holy Bible - multiple languate, translations, audio readings


Molecules - show moving 3-d appearing images of selected molecules


Louvre - Free - digitized versions of most of art work within Louvre - with commentary, can be used to accompany 




Geomaster - free - geography info - quizzes/games 


NOT REALLY AN APP:  for tech support and beyond! on web from computer;  only 2 options:  "share" (my screen - get 9 digit number)  "join"  view someone elses computer screen - enter the 9 digit number 

Can be used with any computer, any mobile devices


Dropbox - free shared cloud storage - well-integrated with other apps;  can show slideshows ; has search feature!


SOS  first-aid avail from American Red Cross - avail for Android (not yet for iPad?);  includes triage series of questions and gives advice for various situations;  includes video demos  


Google Translate - Android - voice input;  text response in other language or voice response


i.clickrlite??? and keynote - presentation apps




When open new tab in Chrome browser, click on "Chrome Web Store" 

Google Books - download entire books for reading on computer - free public domain books.  Can buy non--free books  


[can get free app blio to read books aloud] 


Que onda Spanish - app for learning Spanish


Biodigital human -  renders full 3-d image of human body, subsystems, etc.  &



TURNING OFF APPS - go to current app menu, hold until wiggle, click little red x in left corner to turn off (not to delete)


PUsh and hold bottom right keyboard button for docking, splitting options;  if you push and hold individual key will see other options to select from 


iPad secrets


Teacher pal 


Prezi Viewer


[Can produce zip file for any Prezi, can upload that to Bb, Moodle, etc...] 


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