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Lilly 2011 John Zubizarreta Opening Plenary: How counter misleading bad press for Hi Ed? Follow #lilly11 See:

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Lilly intl 2011

Lilly 2011  John Zubizarreta Opening Plenary:  How counter misleading bad press for Hi Ed?

Follow #lilly11 See: 


thurs nov 17  


recommends CASE US Prof of Year process

Meeting the award program's demanding criteria is not easy. As a result, not every eligible state and jurisdiction will have a winner each year. In 2009 for example, there were winners in 38 states, the District of Columbia and Guam (this includes both national and state award winners)."


" Judges will rate entries for extraordinary work in undergraduate teaching using the following criteria:

  • Impact on and involvement with undergraduate students (25 percent)
  • A scholarly approach to teaching and learning (25 percent)
  • Contributions to undergraduate education in the institution, community and profession (25 percent)
  • Support from colleagues and former undergraduate students (25 percent)

Important: meaningful connection w students who are NOT in his courses 



Showed NEGATIVE responses to chronicle's ref to "students in charge of learning" description of prof of year!


lots of grad students [still] don't get any training in teaching.


Showed funny compelling video produced by free online tool XTRANORMAL "go viral in style" 

" student discusses his grade with his teacher" in


need Transformation of TL   [ Teaching & Learning ]

What exactly are creative & active T&L?

Reflection - learning not only what, but also why &how  ...students learning about and thinking about HOW they themselves learn.  see work of Jennifer Moon in learning journals 1999 p.23  


see:   SETs = Student Eval of Teaching - k. a. Feldman 

Brookfield 1995p.115 classroom critical incident questionnaire 


What does it demonstrate when plenary speakers include personal info  about  

themselves and not seek or share comparable info about others in the room?   



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