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“Creative Commons, Copyright, Open Education” Interview with Cable Green: Slides, Chat Transcript #TLTGFrLv 2012524

"Creative Commons, Copyright, Open Education..." Interview with Cable Green
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Cable Green, Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons

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Text Chat Transcript...

David McCurry, TLT Group: (5/24/2012 13:39) Welcome to Friday Live! Our session will begin with the "Early Bird" pre-session shortly, with the regular session beginning at 2 pm EDST.
 Cable Green (CC): (13:40) share this - and we'll ask people to cinsider signing:
 Cable Green (CC): (13:40) we can even show them the new (hot off the press) CC License Chooser:  - benefit of being on webinar
 Cable Green (CC): (13:47) If we could feed everyone in the world for the marginal cost of $0, should we do it?  Yes / No
 Cable Green (CC): (13:47) If we could provide free, open, high quality educational resources for everyone in the world, should we do it? Yes / No
 David McCurry, TLT Group: (13:50) Hi Jane, and Julie
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (13:57)
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (13:57)
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (13:57) What I wonder is how you develop searches to find what you are looking for - given that often the images you are looking for are metaphorical.
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (13:59) Anyone want to volunteer to be Voice of the Chat today?
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (13:59) JaneH - lets address your question a little later
 Cable Green (CC): (14:00) I work here:
 Cable Green (CC): (14:00) open licenses here:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:00) Feel free to introduce yourself here in the chat area (Name, Institution, Role, interest in this session... whatever you like).
 Cable Green (CC): (14:01) watch a few of these later:
 Cable Green (CC): (14:01) If you want to listen to me yap more about "open policy":  (for later too)
 Cable Green (CC): (14:02) Coming to you live from Olympia, Washington
 Cable Green (CC): (14:03) Please tag this archive with CC BY:   ;)
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:03) LOL
 Larry Sheret: (14:04) Congratulations!
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:04) Thanks!  He's wonderful!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:04) We will be recording all of Cable's links and the text chat and will be sharing both via the TLT Group's blog.:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:05) (so you don't have to worry about trying to copy all of the chat right now).
 Gina Marandino: (14:05) Your grandson is so cute.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:06) Happy to help be VoC today.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:06) with Sally...
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:07) Yes he is.
 Cable Green (CC): (14:09) It's CC BY too
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:10) Tut Tut!~   GPS = GrandpaSteve
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:13) Let's return to the storage costs... esp with Google Drive et al emerging
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:14) Open Open Open Open...
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:15) Let's return to the distribution costs too... esp considering international differences in attempting to control access
 David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:15) Any idea on the bamboo mat?
 David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:16) (nevermind that last post...)
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:16) "We want to help as many people as possible get a good education" -  Who is "we" who are "the people"  who gets to decide what a "good education" is?
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:17) Capetown Declaration
 Cable Green (CC): (14:17)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:17) Read Capetown Declaration:
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:18) "We as educators are sharing" -  Who is "we" what do we mean by "sharing"
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:19) CG:  Not worried about open educ happening... it will!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:20) Cable is right - the Capetown Declaration links (above & more) are not opening for me.
 CTI: (14:20) ditto
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:20) CG:  Worried about continued education of policymakers
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:21) Here is a working link to the Capetown Declaration:
 Cable Green (CC): (14:21) cape town is here - but is offline ;(
 CTI: (14:22) thanks!
 Cable Green (CC): (14:22) Private schools are starting to break out into the open:
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:26) Somehow, I think this line of discussion is related to Creative Commons and copyright and licensing!
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:26) CG:  Selectivity is better?
 Cable Green (CC): (14:26) “Nearly one-third of the world’s population (29.3%) is under 15. Today there are 158 million people enrolled in tertiary education1. Projections suggest that that participation will peak at 263 million2 in 2025.   Accommodating the additional 105 million students would require more than four major universities (30,000 students) to open every week for the next fifteen years.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:27) Steve - I think Cable's point is that selectivity is NOT better.
 Julie Carmen: (14:27) Elroy Jetson took his elementary classes in his living room.
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:27) Demand for education growing... what KIND OF EDUCATION?
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:28) from an educator's perspective. (14:28) That's a very scary projection!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:28) Is the question what equals "quality education"?
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:29) In South Africa under Apartheid, UNISA was doing a terrific job of providing ONE KIND of education to non-whites who were ineligible for the other educational institutions
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:30) But these open resources, open courses are NOT MIT or Harvard coureses and no one expects these GENEROUS and VALUABLE offers to reduce the value of undergrad degree programs at these insittutiotns.
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:30) can unprepared students be successful in a MOOC environment?
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:31) CG: Open Policy:  Publicly funded resources should be openly avail resources
 Julie Carmen: (14:31) A great education but affordable.
 Larry Sheret: (14:31) There is value in face-to-face education that canot be replicated online. How can I translate Greek with my professor  over a pitcher of beer if I'm onlin?
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (14:32) in a virtual world... heh heh
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:33)
 Gina Marandino: (14:33) second life
 Cable Green (CC): (14:34)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:34) TAACCCT
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:34) We are looking at applying for this here in SC right now.
 Eugenia McAllister: (14:35) Boy oh boy, I'm into Friday being my day. My apolozies . Eugenia McAllister, Paine College
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:35) I was happy to see the Creative Commons in the RFP... and was able to share some other interesting ideas (Badges? etc.).  It's easier for educators to buy in to all this...
 Cable Green (CC): (14:37) Here is the project where we are supporting the DOL grantees:
 CTI: (14:37) I love to hear on both topics
 Cable Green (CC): (14:37) here is the grant requirement - from DOL:
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (14:37) definitely related!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:38) It's so very much like POD Network - Teaching and Learning where we share, share share.
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:39) @Bonnie - yes! I am so indebted to POD.
 Larry Sheret: (14:39) Cuba spends 18.7% gdp on education. Indoctrination is very expensive.
 Cable Green (CC): (14:39) watch this video about CC after the session:
 Rebecca Andre: (14:40) yes
 Cable Green (CC): (14:40) phet
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:40) CC open licenses here:
 Rebecca Andre: (14:41) absolutely!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:41)
 Cable Green (CC): (14:42)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:42) Click on the link and then go to your browser to see the page.
 Rebecca Andre: (14:43) yay!
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:43) Allow commercial uses of your work?  Yes   No  Allow modifications of your work? Yes   Yes, as long as others share alike   No  Jurisdiction of your license
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:44) CC License Choice form requests Additional InformationThe additional fields are optional, but will be embedded in the HTML generated for your license. This allows users of your work to determine how to attribute it or where to go for more information about the work.  Tell us the format of your work: Title of work  ;Attribute work to name   ;Attribute work to URL   ;Source work URL  ;More permissions URL;
 Allegra Swift: (14:44) can you explain waht would count as the CC "no derivitives?"
 Bobbi Dubins: (14:44) I understand all of this.  However, I seem to have great difficulty in always finding the attribution information
 Cable Green (CC): (14:45)
 David McCurry, TLT Group: (14:45) Actually, very glad we invited this guy...
 Rebecca Andre: (14:45) I love the machine readable - great ADA compliance
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:45) How do I properly attribute a work offered under a Creative Commons license?All CC licenses require users to attribute the original creator(s) of a work, unless the creator has waived that requirement or asked that her name be removed from an adaptation or collection. CC licenses have a sophisticated and flexible attribution requirement, so there is not necessarily one correct way to provide attribution. The proper method for giving credit will depend on the medium and means you are using, and may be implemented in any reasonable manner, although in the case of an adaptation or collection the credit needs to be as prominent as credits for other contributors. The CC website offers some best practices to help you attribute works, and the CC Australia team has developed a helpful guide to attributing works in different formats.
 Allen Reichert: (14:46) flickr is great for this too
 Cable Green (CC): (14:46)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:46) See Allegra Swift's Q: can you explain waht would count as the CC "no derivitives?"
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:47) I love the notion of "reducing the friction."  Seems like we need this everywhere.
 Allen Reichert: (14:47) close enough!
 Kitti Canepi: (14:47) Cc macine readable layer is totally cool!
 Cable Green (CC): (14:47) Youtube:
 Cable Green (CC): (14:47) check out usage rights at the bottom of the search:
 Bobbi Dubins: (14:48) Could you go to an item and show where to find the specific attribution info from the copyright holder?
 Cable Green (CC): (14:49)
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:49) Why don't faculty require students to use CC to indicate their license/restriction wishes with respect to every paper/project or piece of work submitted within a course?
 Mike Verdusco: (14:50) Are there issues with the need of reseach to be peer reviewed, which is a business?
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:50) BobbiD - could you specifiy an example we could look at together?
 Cable Green (CC): (14:52) ASK is: Sign this:!/petition/require-free-access-over-internet-scientific-journal-articles-arising-taxpayer-funded-research/wDX82FLQ
 Cable Green (CC): (14:53) Chronicle article:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (14:53) Type in chat something that you've learned in the session so far that is share-worthy. (14:53) This has been extremely interesting and informative. Thank you, Cable. Many great links I will share with staff and faculty.
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:53) machine readable code
 CTI: (14:53) phet!
 Allen Reichert: (14:53) machine readable
 Rebecca Andre: (14:53) PHeT
 Guntis Dombrovskis: (14:53) CC well protects your intelectual property
 Kitti Canepi: (14:53) Can search in Google for materials with Creative Commons license
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (14:53) love hearing about how the big internationals are opening up their public-funded research to those of us who paid for it!
 Heather Pena: (14:53) i didnt realize about the three levels of the cc license.  especially the marchine readable code.  makes sense and thanks!
 Elizabeth Andrews: (14:53) Didn't realize that items under CC license were both in copyright AND sharable.  Very cool that both creators and users are legally protected.
 Larry Sheret: (14:53) MOCs, I didn't realize a person could actually obtain a degree this way!
 Rebecca Andre: (14:53) World Bank opening info!
 Eugenia McAllister: (14:53) I will put the resources on our website to get the word out for faculty.
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:54) the concept of artifacts created with tax payers money should belong to the public and the Creative Commons and The TAACCCT Federal Grant Program - great info!
 CTI: (14:54) Should invite Cable again, he is a ton of resource
 Bobbi Dubins: (14:54)   Example: This is the URL of an image I'd like to use.  Where does it say how the owner wishes to be attributed?
 Larry Sheret: (14:54)  The CIA uses public does one protect security and privacy?
 Bobbi Dubins: (14:55) Sorry if I am off topic.  :-(
 CTI: (14:55) and, the users outside of US don't pay taxes, should they have access?
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (14:55) 6 months - that long?
 Julie Carmen: (14:55) Is th e petition link inside chat?
 Virginia: (14:56) Libraries are also cutting people.
 Larry Sheret: (14:56) We are cutting print material...especially books.
 Elizabeth Andrews: (14:56) I'm a librarian -- thanks for calling attention to this issue.
 Larry Sheret: (14:56) We are picking up more journal databases and electronic books.
 Eugenia McAllister: (14:57) Oh my!
 Julie Carmen: (14:57) Thank you for posting it in chat.
 Elizabeth Andrews: (14:57) Is there a Twitter hashtag to use?
 marika pineda: (14:57) However, publishers can yank content from our journal databases, and we no longer collect print journals.
 Rebecca Andre: (14:57) i sent it to everyone i know - thanks!
 ELina: (14:57) machine readable code is great!
 Cable Green (CC): (14:58) UNESCO - 195 countres - are coming together in June to discuss how to move, en masse, to open policies: publicly funded resources are openly licensed resources:
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:58) 90 SECONDS REMAINING
 Cable Green (CC): (14:58) Latest draft of the Declaration they will be asked to sign:
 Larry Sheret: (14:58) Cable, before I could sign such a request for President Obama, I would need to study out the issues first.
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (14:58) 60 seconds of EXTERMISSION remain
 CTI: (14:58) pls invite Cable back again
 CTI: (14:59) :)
 Larry Sheret: (14:59) Is there a place to find more about your open access proposal?
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (14:59) I am on committees for the American Anthropological Assn. Our biggest concern is that this OA mission is not adequately funded in the social sciences & humanities.  Our grants do not cover publication costs, indeed some of our grants are so small, they are not as large as these costs.
 Cable Green (CC): (14:59) @ Larry - yep - fair enough - start here:
 Larry Sheret: (15:00) I think penultimate is more ultimate than the penumbra is darker than the umbra.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:00) @ Hugh, that make digital publication w/ CC liscenses a great option - right?
 Larry Sheret: (15:01) Cable, is there an open access journal that I could submit articles to regarding Information Literacy?
 Eugenia McAllister: (15:01) HA HA
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:01) Never worried aboiut Cable being honest... still don't!
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:02) CG:  If you don't know (much) about open licensing, open resources, learn about it and help colleagues understand these princiiples and resources
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:02) Well... Bonnie didn't get to really help Voice the Chat this time around.  I am collecting your questions for the Afterthoughts and I encourage you  all to post the questions you still have now - here in chat.
 Rebecca Andre: (15:02) thank you Cable!!!
 Larry Sheret: (15:02) GPO already grants free open access to much gov't info. What specifically is missing?
 Kitti Canepi: (15:02) Thanks all!
 Tracey Pineda: (15:02) I'd love to hear more about what Cable has to share.  Please invite him back.
 Larry Sheret: (15:03) Kitti Canepi...HI!!! It's been years. I'm at Marshall now.
 CTI: (15:03) Yes, one topic at a time, get Cable back
 Heather Pena: (15:03) cable green has the BEST name in the world.
 Rebecca Andre: (15:03) thanks to everyone!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:03) another good link: about the inevitability of these trends:
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:04) @Bonnie Mullinix... yes, CC lcienses make a lot of sense, except that 'free' access could bankrupt our association.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:04) I helped build this in my last job: the entire core curriculum for Community Colleges:
 Cable Green (CC): (15:04) check out Saylor - this will blow you away:
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:04) NOTE:  Use of CC license options does NOT preclude charging fees!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:04) list of univs who are sharing their courses:
 Allen Reichert: (15:04) @Larry Sheret GPO is really only what has been produced by the government, but it doesn't include 3rd party, works for hire,
 Cable Green (CC): (15:05)
 Larry Sheret: (15:06) How do OA journals maintain authority and credibility?
 Cable Green (CC): (15:06)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:07) 550 million CC lisences online
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:08) GREAT! search tool for LICENSED images and other stuff you can LEGITIMATELY use:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:08) as of today.
 Bobbi Dubins: (15:08) Yes, but says based upon how the author says to attribute it.  Where does the author say this?
 Larry Sheret: (15:08) Are we free to place the CC logo on any of our work if we wish?
 Cable Green (CC): (15:09)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:09) I think Bobbi's question is will this always be towards theh bottom?
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:09) am i successfully sharing a web page?
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:09) I see a gray screen.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:09) Is there a convention as to where CC should be located/situated.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:10) No steve - not visible.
 Bobbi Dubins: (15:10) I can always find the CC logo.  But never find what the author specifically says how I am to attribrute
 Larry Sheret: (15:10) Steve, nothing is being shared, is the msg I'm getting.
 Larry Sheret: (15:10) It's trying to load something, but it isn...there it is!
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:10) I see a page now.
 Rebecca Andre: (15:11) yes
 Eugenia McAllister: (15:11) Yes it's OPEN
 Bobbi Dubins: (15:11) Yes, it's
 Larry Sheret: (15:13) This is very good information. Thank you, Cable.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:13) Thanks Cable!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:14) More questions ?
 CTI: (15:14) I like the sharing idea of CC, but sounds like all honor-based without enforcement,
 Cable Green (CC): (15:14) courts enforce
 Mark Ramsden: (15:14) Where can we find attribution information? I always have trouble with this.
 Heather Pena: (15:14) what about the articles found on google scholar?  why are those available for free?  CC lic or soemthing else?
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:14) @ Bobbi - did that answer your question?
 Julie Carmen: (15:15) Colorado Libraries Journal is an open-access journal and is peer reviewed.  No fee to submit articles as well.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:15) CC license enforced - you'll like this:
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:15) This is a weakness in the Creative Commons licenses.  I publish a journal and happily share the content for not-for-profit use, but do NOT want anyone to make money off it.  So I am not willing to apply open commercial use.
 Bobbi Dubins: (15:15) Bonnie - No, actually it didn't. lol.
 Eugenia McAllister: (15:15) I came in late and have not read the transrcipt yet...Cable do you have a blog and any speaking engagments coming up? Thanks
 Cable Green (CC): (15:16)
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:16) What I love more than anything else...  see photo below here!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:16) See Larry Sheret Q: Is there a place to find more about your open access proposal?
 Rebecca Andre: (15:16) great - new to me!
 Eugenia McAllister: (15:17) So COOL!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:17)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:18) @ Bobbi - not sure how to rephrase this...or what you want to get at.  Would you like to retry the question?  Or maybe this demo is helping?
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:20) <a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a><br /><span xmlns:dct="" href="" property="dct:title" rel="dct:type">Best of CG Live</span> by <a xmlns:cc="" href="" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL">SW Gilbert &amp; C. Green</a> is licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License</a>.<br />Based on a work at <a xmlns:dct="" href="" rel="dct:source"></a>.<br />Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at <a xmlns:cc="" href="" rel="cc:morePermissions"></a>.
 Guntis Dombrovskis: (15:20) awesome
 Larry Sheret: (15:20) What does "Unported License" mean?
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:20) Bottom line:  the author chooses what they want re: attribution and/or whether/how it might be changed.  Then when they choose the CC they want, the language is common for everything lisenced this way... then they simply use this information.
 Mark Ramsden: (15:21) Terrific practical information, thank you.
 Bobbi Dubins: (15:21) The open attribute tool I think will answer my question, thank you.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:21) @ Bobbi - great!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:21) Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: What I wonder is how you develop searches to find what you are looking for - given that often the images you are looking for are metaphorical.
 Bobbi Dubins: (15:22) Thank you!
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:23) I would love to hear anyone's strategies
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:23) For those who would like to weigh in with ideas for Jane, chat away!
 CTI: (15:25) merlot
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:25) OER Commons
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:25) I know about these reousrces - but how do you find neat, appropriate images>
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:25) resources
 Cable Green (CC): (15:25)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:25)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:26)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:26)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:26)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:27) use "usage rights" at the bottom of the page:
 Cable Green (CC): (15:27) Who uses CC?
 Cable Green (CC): (15:27) Lots of Education resoruces here:
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:28) Steve - yes - this is what I was looking for
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:28) @Jane - does that help?
 Cable Green (CC): (15:28) someone asked about "unported" licenses: that means "international" license
 Cable Green (CC): (15:28) CC has "affiliate" teams all over the world:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:28) Jane says yes!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:28) who "port" the licneses to their own legal nuances in their countries
 Gina Marandino: (15:28) You can upload an image you have into google images to find its original origin
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:28) how many people work for CC?
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (15:29) hee hee!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:29) LOL - nice runing!!
 Julie Carmen: (15:29) Is Cable's contact info available on slides?
 Bobbi Dubins: (15:29) It's confusing, but I got the information I needed.  Thank you and I hope for more later!
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:29) @Gina - neat - I will try to find that functionality
 Cable Green (CC): (15:29) Cable @
 Julie Carmen: (15:30) Thank you, I'll be in touch.  Wonderful presentation, very informative.
 Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:30) @Gina- is that hard to figure out how to do?
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:30) Does Cable share his email... or does he not want to answer a billion emails? ;-)
 Gina Marandino: (15:30) @Jane click on the camera icon in the searchbox
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (15:30) Come to the AHA in January, Cable! The H-Net folks are talking copyright... I'll be chairing a panel and it would be great to have you there if you can come!
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:31) @Gina - very cool - thnx much!
 Julie Carmen: (15:31) Would like to invite Cable to speak for a group in Colorado, or someone from CC.
 Gina Marandino: (15:31) you may have to leaf through image results...however its good if you have an image and forgot where you got it or if you saw an image on a website but it's not cited
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:31) @Gina - this is GREAT! Thanks!
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:32) The biggest challenge I see is educating both faculty and students about copyright and CC.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:32) check out this project in South Africa:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:32) I think the idea is to have Cable come and bring some/any of those folk for a next level conversation on any/each of those topics.  Great ideas for Friday Live! open sharing.
 Gina Marandino: (15:33) @Jane I agree.  I work for a university library and we are trying to form some knid of policy, but we are a bit confused ourselves and there are no specific rules we  can follow
 Eugenia McAllister: (15:34) SC State University under the direction of Dr. L. A, McIntyre has provided over 2 millions books to via USSAID Africa Tanzania
 Cable Green (CC): (15:34)
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:35) CG:  pre/post apartheid CONTENT had to change as well as MEDIA, METHODS, ACCESS - used CC!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:35) Dave & I lived for 3 years and worked in Education in Namibia (1995-1998), there are many other reasons for Distance Education in South Africa... so needs a lot more conversations for the settings (not all areas would have ease of access to internet-based options).  This takes a great deal of conversation (much more time than now).
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:36) But in other areas, all the things that Cable is saying is also true.  Complexity of Context.
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:36) You need multiple pathways
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:37) CG:  Consider "arab spring" - role of cell phones, Twitter, ... ACCESS of individuals;  capabilities for PUBLISHING and ACCESS very different.  "Same thing" happening to education now... DISRUPTIVELY
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:37) You need multiple pathways and visionary  reimagining with these new tools and opportunities.
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:37) democratization - gatekeepers - gone
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:38) scarcity is gone
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:38) CG:  PUT CC LICENSE ON TLTG ARCHIVES (we already do most of our other stuff)
 Eugenia McAllister: (15:38)
 Larry Sheret: (15:38) The downside is that technology will enable mob violence like never before. Freedom and power demand responsibility.
 CTI: (15:38) good line, Larry
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:39) Cable - are you sure you aren't a 60s person?
 Tracey Pineda: (15:39) Thank you so much for your passionate belief in open access.
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (15:39) Thank you!
 Julie Carmen: (15:39) Thank you!
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:39) Great session!
 Gina Marandino: (15:39) Thank you Cable & TLT
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:39) @ Larry - responsibility important indeed.
 Larry Sheret: (15:39) Cable and Steve, you were great. Thank you very much.
 Julie Fielding: (15:39) Thank you very much! This was VERY informative!
 ELina: (15:39) Thanks
 Deanna Hamilton: (15:39) Thanks for your good work Cable.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:39) Academic Spring:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:39) I thought of it ;-)
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:40) Importance of promoting awareness
 CTI: (15:40) This a remix session of chaos, resources, practical info. and high blood pressure
 Cable Green (CC): (15:40) more:
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:40) But time runs away from us... as it has now.
 CTI: (15:40) good one!
 Heather Pena: (15:40) i could go on for another hour!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:40) for the TLT web site:
 Cable Green (CC): (15:40) LicenseExcept where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
 Larry Sheret: (15:40) We, the mob, don't want you to stop!
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:40) ;-)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:40)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:40) AND SIGN THE PETITION ;)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:40) Thanks everyone... enjoy your Friday "off" as a start to this Memorial Day weekend!
 Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro: (15:40) I signed the petition!
 Gina Marandino: (15:41) same here :-)
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:41) Me too (petition)
 Larry Sheret: (15:41) Bye.
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (15:41) me too!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:41) more petition info:
 David McCurry, TLT Group: (15:41) I signed and posted on FB
 Cable Green (CC): (15:41) watch the cool video
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:41) I won't sign the petition -- it doesn't provide for funding in social sciences and humanities.
 Randolph Hollingsworth 2: (15:41) bye!
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:42) Great session!  Thanks Cable and everyone else still with us! at 3:42PM ET!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:42) @ Hugh - sure it does - it would apply to all government grants
 Cable Green (CC): (15:42) including arts and SS programs
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:42) Recording has been stopped.  Information on the session will be available at:
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:43) Many grants in socal scieces & humanities aren't large enough to cover publication!
 Larry Sheret: (15:43) Wow, AllPBS programing free.
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:43) Hugh Jarvis - say more about nonsigning
 Larry Sheret: (15:43) I don't think Frontline will go for it.
 Larry Sheret: (15:43) David Moyers won't go for it either.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:43) we're working on PBS now ;)
 Cable Green (CC): (15:43) and the Smithsonian
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:43) This model of open access only works if the government also underwrites publication costs for every grant.
 Larry Sheret: (15:43) Ha!
 Larry Sheret: (15:44) I should be able to travel into space for free, too!
 Larry Sheret: (15:44) mAYBE NEXT CENTURY.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:44) @ Hugh - right - you write the pub costs (very small - like $2K) into your grant
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:44) @ Hugh - writing the publication?  couldn't you post online? noone to host online publication?  Gov't is doing this in some areas.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:45) e.g., check out the publication fees in these open access journals:
 Cable Green (CC): (15:45) TINY costs compared to the size of the federal grant
 Cable Green (CC): (15:45) and the articles are all CC BY
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:45) We're exploring an option that would enable Frlv registrants to begin exchanging info BEFORE a session and continue the text chat-like activities AFTER the session!
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:45) "posting online" is not a sustainable approach. It doesn't provide permanence. G
 Larry Sheret: (15:45) What does unported mean?
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:45) Getting into a decent journal costs more than $2K in the social sciences.
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:45) Bye all,.....  really!
 Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group: (15:45) @ Cable - great resources.  Hope Steve copies these last ones out of the chat text... since the recording is stopped.
 Cable Green (CC): (15:45) unported = international
 Cable Green (CC): (15:46) CC has "affiliate" teams all over the world:
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:46) PS:  "Posting online" is, sometimes unfortunately, the MOST permanent way of publishing
 Cable Green (CC): (15:46) those teams sometimes "port" the licnese to their countries unqiue copyright laws
 Cable Green (CC): (15:46) most people use the unported license
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:46) Nothing you make accessible in any way on the Internet or via the Internet is truly ever gone
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:47) Until the Internet is gone
 Cable Green (CC): (15:47) in fact, as the licenses move to v.4.0... there is discussion about getting rid of the ported licenses
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:47) The OA journals you cite are all in the hard sciences! You need to read up on the costs in social sceinces and humanities journals.
 Larry Sheret: (15:47) When I disembark my passport means I have to abide by the laws of the land I'm in.
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:47) Hey, pls stop adding interesting, thoughtful, or provocative comments.  We need to end this session!
 Cable Green (CC): (15:47) Would love to stay - already missed one meeting - shouldn't miss another.  Cheers all!
 Larry Sheret: (15:48) I couldn't find a DOAJ journal that covers information literacy assessment. :(
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:48) Bye now!
 Hugh Jarvis 2: (15:48) Thanks all. Bye,


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