Monday, February 25, 2013

Can you predict or change the future? Do you really want to? See short story "6 Months, 3 days" by C. J. Anders

"The man who can see the future has a date with the woman who can see many futures." - 1st sentence from "Six Months, Three Days," a story by Charlie Jane Anders and winner of the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novelette. Full text available free online as of Feb 25, 2013.  Also see excerpt and comments in blog post "Romance Between Clairvoyants: Doomed to Fail?".

Entertaining and thought provoking story about ways in which we could/couldn't influence the future even if we could "see" it... and about whether or not we might really want to.

IMAGE found by Steven W. Gilbert 20130225
"This map shows the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's past and future routes across the Gusev Crater floor. ...Date March 26, 2004 (1 April 2004 (original upload date)) Source Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Magnus Manske using CommonsHelper. (Original text : * Source URL:
Source site:
Author NASA/JPL/MSSS/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. Original uploader was Wikibob at en.wikipedia"
By NASA/JPL/MSSS/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.Wikibob at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
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