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"sMOOChing, Flipped classrooms, MOOCs,.." Slides, Transcript TLTGroup's #TLTGfrlv FridayLive! Feb 8 online free

 [Parts II & III Feb 15 at 2pm ET and 4:15pm ET More...]

Flipping MOOCs & sMOOChing
Flipped classroom, MOOCs, Supplemental Instruction, more... 
sMOOChing as Teaching;  Teaching as sMOOChing 
Good New Answers for Good Old QuestionsSocial Collaboration Online - What Does It Mean?

Slides, Chat Transcript from 
TLT Group's FridayLive! Feb 8, 2013 2:00-3:00 pm ET 
Steven W. Gilbert & Colleagues

Please find below: Text chat transcript (including many links shared by  FridayLive! participants) and links to other resources (slides, archives).

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Text Chat Transcript...

Grisell Rodriguez:Greetings from Univ of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  John Sener:Welcome, Grisell!
  John Sener:yes, steve
  Grisell Rodriguez:yes
  Dawn Boggs:Yes, I can hear you.
  Grisell Rodriguez:isusing Chrome ok
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:send us the name, model# of your current headset John!
  John Sener:Logitech USB model A-0205C
  Grisell Rodriguez:ok shall i step out and go back in with Firefox
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:good idea
  Charles J. Ansorge:Greetings to everyone.  I'm Charles J. Ansorge, emeritus professor, University of Nebraska.
  Charles J. Ansorge:Today I'm pitch-hitting for Beth Dailey and will be one of yours hosts today.
  Charles J. Ansorge:If you have problems during the presentation of a technology nature send me a private message.
  Charles J. Ansorge:If you have not yet introduced yourself, please do so.
  Wendy:Wendy Stubbs from South Dakota State University
  Susan Ariew:Susan Ariew from the University of South Florida
  Charles J. Ansorge:If you think you may be using your microphone to comment, it's a good idea to use the audio setup wizzard.
  Charles J. Ansorge:Audio setup wizard can be found by clicking on the meeting menu above.
  Jill Gremmels:Jill Gremmels from Davidson College in North Carolina
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Nice to see you back agina JillG - nice to have librarians!
  Dawn Boggs:Dawn Boggs from Napa County Library, CA DePriest, General Education English Comp Instructor with Rasmussen College Online
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JS:  Preserve "Education's capacity to....formal educ as institution!"
  Dale Parker:Dale Parker Cambridge College MA
  Debbie Malone:Debbie Malone Library Director at DeSales Univeristy (PA)
  John Sener:i can see why
  john burke:John Burke from Miami University in Ohio
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:CA:  Ssilver Cloudians - LinkedIn -- group retirees - consulting/mentoring re help people new to teaching online
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Grisell Rodriguez:piratepad looks neat
  Howard Culbertson, Southern Nazarene University:Puzzling.  Never had a problem with Adobe Connect and Chrome.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Today, Dale Parker, Jane Harris, Chuck Ansorge (DIIGO, VoC, tech)
  John Sener:yes, welcome!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:TLTG member volunteer roles - resources (DIIGO Dale Parker) Voice of the Chat (Jane Harris?)  Tech help (Chuck Ansorge)! trying to find more such roles to enhance online sessions and make use of skills of TLTG membvers, Silver Cloudians, et al... and in MOOCs!!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:I'm here Steve.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JaneH - VoC today?
  John Sener:thanks, Jane!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Thank YOU, John!
  Susan Ariew:LOL
  Debora S:absolutely!!
  Susan Smith::)  I have been to several of these sessions...
  Susan Ariew:yes we are very cool people
  Jill Gremmels:Excellent idea, Steve!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Very good idea!
  Susan Smith:<--2 librarians here
  Debora S::-)
  Susan Ariew:Librarians 2.0
  Grisell Rodriguez:yes we librarians are cool
  Debora S:and we're everywhere!!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:We'll try to add another option for response to "Primary Role" as "multiple"
  Dale Parker:thankful for librarians
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Should we REALLY do a FridayLive! agbout the changing profession and variety of roles of librarians in higher ed?
  Ed Gehringer:Ed Gehringer ... John is the evaluator for a project of mine, just finished writing the final report.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Do you (participants today) also believe that higher ed/onmline educ has "finished" or solved the accessibility challenges?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:if you mean ADA - the answer is clearly no.
  Dale Parker:no
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JS:  our society hasn't caught up (acknowledged) growing importance of higher ed for everyone
  Ed Gehringer:But it has improved it ...
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JS: try making up a term and googling it!
  Charles J. Ansorge:While I agree with Ed that it has improved it still has a long ways to go.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Try googling "extermission"!
  Jill Gremmels:Steve, helping faculty and administrators understand the capabilities of 21st century librarians is a central issue for us.  I'd welcome such a FridayLive!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:cybersymbiosis = education + power
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Clothing the Emperor"!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:needed to deal with errors related to JohnS's 7 future
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JohnS advocates MODERATION!!!!!!  That's incredibly extraordinarily totally awesome!
  Grisell Rodriguez:there is more to do
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Problemmatic perspectives about the future of higher ed:-free market should rule-free learning - openness should rule-standards should rule (too much consistency - NCLB)
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Cyberdystopia - see MOOC that just started - E-Learning and Digital Cultures.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:They have divided the course into uptopia v dystopia
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:See:  Online Education: Still better than Neo-Luddites fear, still worse than Techno-Zealots & Pseudo-Egalitarians claim
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:more problemmatic perspectives -
  Laura Madson:Thank you. Gotta' go teach!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:"steady as she goes" - incremental improvement - slooooow change
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Restore education to a past that never happened!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:what we need:
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:digital tech that can improve education
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:First era of online (etc) ed - focused on providing access
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Second era to focus on improving quality.
  Dale Parker:there is an echo
  Dale Parker:never mind It is my computer
  Grisell Rodriguez:yes we canhear you
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JaneH:  1-5 = obstacles;   6-7 = goals?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JohnS:  all 7 are problematic, but #6 might be his favorite
  Susan Smith:which education for whom?
  Susan Ariew:I'm afraid legislators tend to think about higher education only with regard to the Free Market. Our governor recently just talked about how we should have online degrees from university that cost $10,000 and that's it. His view really is the for-profit, money-grubbing model rather than the whole university experience which is much more.
  Susan Smith:there are other kinds and ways that we could educate people
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Yes!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JohnS:  "A society where everyone really matters!"
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Doesn't it depend partly on how you define education?
  Susan Smith:Jane--YES! jane
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Susan- Yes!
  Susan Smith:we tend to devalue certain kinds  and ways of educating
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:yes we just consider whether being able  to read or not is education we have a big hurdle ahead, and that just seems basic.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Thank you!
  Susan Ariew:Florida!!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:MY upset:  people who advocate strategies and options that are in effect "good enough for other people's children"
  Susan Ariew:Governor Rick Scott,
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:The "$10,000 degree"
  Susan Smith:Susan A we are also in FL
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:MOOCs et al. may make QUALITY ,  STANDARDS differentials among different kinds of colleges, universities!
  Susan Ariew:good analogy
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Business can talk because they have $$$
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:make differentials more visible... more upsetting?
  Dale Parker 2:One size never fits all
  Ed Gehringer:No, I think the auto cos. could create a $10K car.  It would be as large as a Smart Car (how much do those cost anyway?)
  Susan Ariew:Straighter Line?
  Grisell Rodriguez:i always had the notion that online education would be the way to stop the have and have-nots not the opposite
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:
  Grisell Rodriguez:just getting internet access for some folks is not easy and very expensive
  Susan Ariew:I've had students from for-profit universities ask me for help doing research and I've told them that those so-called "universities" need to hire librarians to help them rather than ask me from my school for research help. They have no libraries nor librarians to support research.
  Susan Smith:we have online students who for various reasons have intermittent internet and computer access
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Grisell- my daughter just returned after 4 yrs in Senegal West Africa - they do everything via cellular and it's cheap. She is in shock over our connectivity charges.
  John Sener:other people's children -- good point
  Charles J. Ansorge:Steve makes a great point.
  Susan Ariew:Their graduation rates are appalling. They grab loan money from students and then they languish in poor programs without matriculation.
  Grisell Rodriguez:yes JH it is so much parat of this life it should not be somehting that you should pay so much for it
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Look back at first year or two of Western Governors University - "good enough for 'other people's children'"
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Grisell - totally agree!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Incomplete Revolution!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:unappreciated revolution
  Grisell Rodriguez:Like asking me to buy a $100,000 car to get to work on folks...not all for profits are money grubbers
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JS:  for-profits offer a lot and are problematic
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:some of the for-profits have been around a long time and are very rsponsible and focused on their niches quite effectively;  others are more get-rich-quick
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:some of the new for-profits are quite responsibly focused too
  James Backer:See the classic analysis: Noble. D. (1998). Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education. First Monday 3/1.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Thanks, James.
  John Sener:I'll be seeking to ID and ask more incisive questiosns seems to be an implicit notion that public education facilities are defacto "effective"... indeed, that the pursuit of profit demands excellence.. at least in the long run. For profit organizations won't last long without excellence.
  John Sener:Free Market Rules running amok IMO
  Ed Gehringer:There's a lot more to liberal arts than Women & Gender studies!  I think we find the "for profit element" in every facet of education that poses obstacles and cheapens those of us with the ideas John is discussing.
  John Sener:FMR = reducing colleges to job training centers
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:sure
  ms goodman:One useful step is to begin to consider the value of all work and wages that allow people to live, lives of value , how to do this, see the value of education beyond credentialing and work. Being educated should theoretically make better citizens, I think.
  Grisell Rodriguez:resources to recommned to some colleagues: maybe try to push for more quality open access
  John Sener:
  Dale Parker 2:It is at the bottom of the screen
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:March 1 2nd session re Sener's book
  ms goodman:Helping folks in my community, like youth find ways to have meaning in their lives that is enriched by their learning. should focus on how the student profits rather than how investors or teachers profit.. point Jim
  Ed Gehringer:But measuring how the student profits is problematical ... is it just getting a higher-paying job?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:#TLTGfrlv
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Ed - could the measure be the student's?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Whether s/he felt s/he got what they needed?
  Ed Gehringer:And as far as the investors profiting ... I think that a large part of the problem is that they have mainly profited from getting government money paid by students taking out student loans.
  Ed Gehringer:Students can perhaps judge whether they profited from their education ... in the long run, anyway.  Not sure they are good judges immediately after graduation.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Shifting authority - from imposed to shared, negotiated, and self-initiated...
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Jane & Ed... I think Ed it looking at the $ side, the cost-benefit analysis (which ends up being something that policy makers/legislators look at (is this what you meant in your earlier posts Ed?)
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:this applies now to education as well.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JS:  "3rd Shift"
  Ed Gehringer:I'm saying that it's very difficult to evaluate the cost/benefit ... just like everything in educ. is hard to evaluate.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Ed - agreed.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:cultural change - redefining knowledge - multimedia/contextual/collaboratively negotiated.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Stickers on son's laptop case - reflect son's cultural connections!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JS:  p. 24 from book - aloud need to be viewed as consumers of education and the providers of education judged by them..
  Ed Gehringer:John, wish I could be so involved in my son's life as you are!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:How different are the style, intensity, foci or what a teenager gets from media for different economic, regional, groups?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Jim- I am not sure I understand this part of what you wrote - can you explain?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2: and the providers of education judged by them..
  Jill Gremmels:So sorry...must go to a meeting.  :-(
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:@jimeeb  thinking of students as "consumers" has embedded within it lots of beliefs about the nature of education  - some of those are not widely shared, some are.. many in education resist or discount the value of having either the consumer or the payer (taxpayers) evaluate the result..
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Jim -
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Thnx
  Susan Ariew:It's also too vague as a question
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:If you can't continue with us today after 3pm ET, pls rejoin JohnS March 1 2pm ET!  (and rejoin FridayLive! every week 2pm ET) Steve
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Great idea!
  Susan Ariew:If he allows you to "friend" him on Facebook you can find out without asking
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:;-)'s the most exciting thing you had happen to you this week, son?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:parent/student connection via Facebook - variations in practice, policy!
  Dale Parker 2:Ask about social life
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:What's your favorite/most interesting thing that happened durning x time.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Look for incisive questions to ask OTHER peole about your son!
  Susan Ariew:I think you should rethink the facebook thing. I followed both my sons in college on  FB without his intruding into my life or mine into his you met anyone on campus who's worldview is radically different from yours?
  Grisell Rodriguez:What was the most challenging thing?
  William Vilberg:Texting for incisive questions?
  William Vilberg:Who is your favorite teacher this semester?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Next question: Why?  Why so?  Why not? you John.  I'm sorry I won't be here for the rest of the 1/2 hour.
  Susan Ariew:They do prefer texting over the phone
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Susan- good pt
  John Sener:texting is our #1 means; long phone calls is #2
  Susan Ariew:John, what are things you would  rather NOT know about your son? I'm curious
  Dale Parker 2:yes texting gets you immediate answers to what are you doing now?, you are SO right! My kids won't answer the phone but they respond almost immediately to a text message.
  Susan Ariew:Texting doesn't give you details or pictures
  John Sener:My son is tht way too
  John Sener:you can send pix by text
  Susan Ariew:true
  John Sener:even videos
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Further, they get annoyed if you leave a voice mail ("I can see that you called, I'll just call you back when I have time")
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:My daughter has a friend whose dad writes little texts to  his son multiple times/day.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:The son has created a FB page to record the texts - which he calls pater poetas or something like this.
  Dale Parker 2:When you become a grandparent your grandchildren will answer your calls
  Susan Ariew:Thanks, John
  ROBERT WILDBLOOD:My daughter thinks that several texts a day is like stalking.
  John Sener:thank you, Steve!
  Wendy:Thanks. 2  here
  John Sener:that's definitely my experience
  Susan Ariew:exactly
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:jANE:  Your children prefer to hear from you by text than by phone - less intrusive!
  John Sener:we schedule our phone calls
  Yunqiu Wang:good discussion, we can not change american high education overnight, but I can certainly modify my ways to communicate with my sons.  Thank you, John and colleagues for your tips.
  Susan Ariew:They see phone calls as intrusive
  Debora S:texting is part of multi-tasking
  Susan Ariew:Texts on the other hand
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JaneS - schedule phone appts!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:VIDEO!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:VIDEO!' - FaceTime - great with grandson!
  John Sener:often; in fact we've come full circle -- it's almost as if we're back to the phone at the end of the hall
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:BREVITY!
  Susan Ariew:yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:John - so sorry I wasn't able to get in until the end here. (unanticipated tech delays...3 computer devices later...)  Sounds like a good session... I'll have to find time to at least listen to the archive to try and catch up.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:GOOD ENOUTGH SUSAN
  Charles J. Ansorge:We can hear.
  John Sener:faint but OK
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:still low Susan.  but can hear.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SusanA - need to develop/find ground rules for use of Facebook vis a vis children!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:I have a son who will not do FB, however.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JohnS - "RENEGOTIATING AUTHORITY"!
  Susan Ariew:I did
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:incisive question:  what you do NOT want to know... not have access to!
  Susan Ariew:well he shouldn't be posting those pictures anyway....really!!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Yes - I think that rengotiating authority would be happening even without tech. Tech makes it more "in your face?"
  Susan Ariew:Job recruiters find those
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:BUT - big changes in "standards" of what is public/private!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Jane - I have one who does & 2 who mostly don't do FB (and one really doesn't)... and one who does it under an alias - so future students can't find him (proven true when he was student teaching)-tech savvy boy!
  Grisell Rodriguez:My 7 yr old daughter and her 80+ grandma are enjoying sending each other via traditional mail postcards, letters, notes but she prefers Skype over talking on the traditional phone or cellphone and wants to keep it short
  Susan Ariew:Has the recording ended?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Paper postcards can have big impact because of now being so unusual!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:No - recording is still going (see red in upper right hand corner).
  Susan Ariew:It's complicated and nobody knows what "the rules" are
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Whew! It IS complicated. Who has the time?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Susan - so true.
  John Sener:we make them up on the fly = collaboratively negotiated authority, knowledge
  Susan Ariew:and skype
  Susan Ariew:My kids never had a problem with me on Facebook and still don't but I've also been careful never to embarrass them
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Video gives you body language and you can see if they look healthy.
  Grisell Rodriguez:seems video makes it feel  more personal becuase of the visual
  John Sener:paper postcards
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Oh yes!
  Susan Ariew:oh yeah
  Grisell Rodriguez:care pkgs are great also!!
  Dale Parker 2:When I grew up there was no such thing as negotiated authority it was just authority no negotiation
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Food, glorious, food in a care pkg!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Yep - care packages are the best for sure - I do that it always works.
  Dale Parker 2:food and $
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Dale - ;-)
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:My sons communicate with each other on "steam" (video gaming IM)
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I'm lucky if I get them on Google chat now and then.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:It WILL CHANGE.
  Susan Ariew:that's what is so great
  John Sener:"just as soon as I think I've got it figured out, it'll change"
  Susan Ariew:they teach US stuff
  Grisell Rodriguez:Great conversation, thoughful insights, wonderful suggestions, thanks to all of you for such a liveky session. Must head out now
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:I think that you are up to date.
  Dale Parker 2:No I have been chatting'
  Susan Ariew:I would like to hear more about screencasts and videos in the context of good teaching and learning
  Susan Ariew:(online)
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Susan-
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:I am pro short videos.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SusanA - say more about what would be helpful for us to do in FrLv re role of video in (online) educ?
  Susan Ariew:Oj
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:For MARCH 1:  WANT "TOUGH LOVE" CRITICISM!
  Susan Ariew:OK
  Susan Ariew:lol
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:audience - online educators'
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:any other educations
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:thought leaders, policy makers, analysts
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:FOR MAR 1, what portion of book might we read first to prepare for that session if we don't have time to read entire book?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:any others that are interested in the future of ed
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:See:  Online Education: Still better than Neo-Luddites fear, still worse than Techno-Zealots & Pseudo-Egalitarians claim
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Went off the latest cliff"
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JohnS:  for Mar 1 - esp ch 8, 10, 11!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SusanA - role of flipped classroom - esp with availability of online videos, etc.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:yes!!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"clothing the emperor" - not merely pointin out flaws
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:student-generated content requires learning/reflection.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:How is the "flipped classroom" different from most edcuation in ciolleges  50 years ago?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Page 105 - how use characteristics of innovation?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:In class-time the focus is not on lectures but on activities and engagement.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Agree with Bonnie.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Extreme model of "flipped classroom" :  Va. Tech Math Emporium?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:yes
  Susan Ariew:ywa
  Susan Ariew:yes
  John Sener:yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Content-focused materials online and application-oriented interactions take place during class times.
  Susan Ariew:The Khan Academy has transformed learning
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:yes
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:DaleP:  her version of Flipped Classroom - in math, assigns Kahn acad for viewing outside of class then do homework/practice in the classroom
  John Sener:IMO it's a frame of reference issue -- it depends on what you're flipping
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SusanA - different generations have different "literacies" - more preferejnces, dexterities with different mdeias
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:For classes that have been oriented towards interaction and application "flipped classrooms" have long existed (a new term for an old approach... as is so common).
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:BonnieM - emphasis on interaction among students is another important/different element
  John Sener:I think Bonnie's point is well taken
  Susan Ariew:so they are learning technology while they are learning content as well
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JaneH - assignments that require students to do collaborative team work and produce stuff that helps other students learn/understand
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:What online education provides, is a way to take some of the content and put it into multimedia formats (video, etc.) that allows everyone to go beyond text-based readings... important progression.
  John Sener:In the model Steve's describing, the reading assignments delivered the content, and the class was used for discussion, interaction, and application, so the flip is not apparent
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:JaneH - offering, requiring use of different media
  Susan Ariew:If readings and assignments are all static and not active it's not very "flipped"
  Susan Ariew:tHANKS, ALL!!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Steve - we know what your priorities are. ;-)
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Susan- totally agreed@
  John Sener:Flipping the classroom often means flipping where the content is delivered from inside class time to outside class time
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Jane - important to engage students in producing knowledge and demonstrating understanding through multiple media and formats used for effective communication.
  Susan Ariew:I'm not an expert!
  Susan Ariew:can we get Salman Khan for free? ha ha ha
  John Sener:Ha ha indeed -- Ive heard he's pretttty expensive
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:FUTURE FRLV - POINT/COUNTERPOINT~!!!!!!
  Susan Ariew:Yeah but no travel costs here
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:What could be a role for MOOCs, if there is one?
  Dale Parker 2:We don't know until we ask him
  John Sener:heh heh
  Susan Ariew:How about the person using Khan's videos who spoke here?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:I think we are talking about increasing facilitated student hands on learning
  Susan Ariew:I can send you some resources
  Susan Ariew:okay!! Take care all! Thank you John
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Thank you John!!
  John Sener:thx to all who helped and participated!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Yes - thanks to Susan and Dale and Charles and Bonnie and Jim
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:and Ed
  John Sener:& thx for you thx
  Susan Ariew:have a great weekend, all!!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro 2:Enjoy your grandson...
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Thanks all... cold even down here in Greenville, SC!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:(although 42 degrees feels warmer to others).
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Thanks John.

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