Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Dropin June5 3pmET "Tech Toolchest for Beginning Online Teachers” FreeOnlineTLTGroupMembers tlt.gs/olireg more: tlt.gs/TOLdummies

Tomorrow 6/5 3pm ET join free online discussion re: "What should we put in a 'Tech Toolchest' for faculty who are just beginning to teach online?" We'll draft a list of 7 or so Apps/Accounts/Tools that would be useful for them. We'll also discuss methods for inquiring about the level/variety of tech comfort of participants/students in an online course (i.e., we'll find/describe/sketch survey or....whatever?). 

Do you have a few favorite tech options that you would recommend to faculty who are new to online teaching? 
More - description, examples:
Options they should explore before they begin teaching online? "Low-threshold" resources that are easy to learn, easy to try, easy to use, low-cost, low-risk? Likely to help these beginners to:
  • Feel a little more confident about trying some new technology options?   
  • Feel a little more confident about NOT trying too many new technology options? 
  • Avoid disaster in first stages of next online course? 
  • Improve first few days of next online course? 
For example:
See also "Teaching Online for Beginners [for Very Smart Dummies] A Curriculum for Online “Course,” MOOCow, Coaching/Mentoring
MOOCow= Massive Open Online Course Or Whatever
Help from/for? Silver Cloudians
Next “Fishbowl” Planning session Wednesday June 12 3pm ET tlt.gs/frlv

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