Thursday, June 27, 2013

FridayLive! 2pm et June 28: "To MOOC or not to MOOC?" How MOOCish should FrLv! be?

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We'll discuss favorite topics, presenters, and activities FROM FridayLive! 2012-13 and FOR FridayLive! 2013-14... And 
How MOOCish has TLT Group's FridayLive! always been? How MOOCish should it be this coming academic year? 
Which of these changes would make FridayLive! more MOOCish?  How desirable are these changes?
*Increase continuity from week to week?
*Provide articulated sequence of several weekly sessions with beginning, end, intended accomplishments for participants?
*Offer/urge/require preparatory work for sessions?
*Offer/urge/require "assignment" work between sessions?
*Encourage/support multiple ways of participating:  lurking, discussing, doing preparatory or follow up assignments?
*Offer some kind of certification for participation or accomplishment?

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