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"There's an App for That 4" FridayLive! 9/13 Twitter "Transcript" from #appthtTLTG free online

 "There's an App for That 4.0" 
Transcript below compiled from all Tweets with hashtag #appthtTLTG as of 9/18 for online session  Friday, Sept 13, 2013, 2-3:30PM ET featuring our Favorite App Guys:  
Steve Kaufman, Akron University;  Aaron Carpenter, Ashland University;  Tim Lombardo, Ohio State University 

Links to almost all Apps mentioned in this terrific session available via DIIGO repository of links additional info, links via this Blog  Complete digital recording of this online session (and many others) including audio, slides, and text chat available only to TLT Group members.  Please join! and use this link to access the full collection of archived sessions.  

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  1. 4th even better than previous "App for Thats"! Thanks: Steve Kaufman, Aaron Carpenter, Tim Lombardo!
  2. thanks for the presentation! yay, ending with a black cat on friday the 13th!
  3. "biggest apprehension to classroom tech" question brings up interesting comments from attendees
  4. BYOD : bring your own device ... into the classroom re: accommodating various platforms
  5. additional apps mentioned worth exploring for : Snapseed, Touchcast, CloudOn, Visual Cue, Book Creator
  6. storify - digital story telling -- merlot app for librarians for open source journals
  7. It’s not like I need more reasons to impulse shop but step this way for low priced apps:
  8. QUESTION FOR PRESENTERS: language learning, translations apps?
  9. Good know! lets you know when are on sale! Great for those of us in -
  10. i want to know what that app is for visual cues?!
  11. "encouraging backchannel communication keeps students engaged" re: apps, sites outside institutional LMS, F2F
  12. QUESTION FOR PRESENTERS: recommended apps for students w/ cognitive disabilities? for use in such classrooms?
  13. IVONA Text-to-Speech for Android & Windows 8 - also recommends
  14. wrapping up shortly w/ "afterthoughts" later
  15. text-to-speech apps : ivona for android ... i'll add dragon for iOS is fabulous
  16. SimpleMind : mind mapping, android app
  17. Drive-like app for android... off course: BlueStacks - for PC desktop, too
  18. Ask3 "share vids made from w/in Ask3. Pre-existing vids (e.g., Snagit, Camtasia, YouTube) supported later"
  19. Great to have Twitter feed as alt connection to this session - when I got bumped from Adobe room!
  20. Love the idea of video discussion boards via Ask3. Would be great for doing discussions in Juvenile Delinquency!
  21. Ask3 - presentations, video responses embedded - "video discussion board" - alternative to VoiceThread?
  22. chat's coming back to Evernote (a personally fave)
  23. Love apps that are available across the different platforms!
  24. Checkin out -- diagrams made easy! Love this for ! Want to try it for
  25. gliffy: flowcharting - alternative to omnigraffle and visio - upload charts into Drive
  26. chrome app launcher - desktop shortcut for chrome apps like Drive, etc
  27. but Visible Body primarily for science teachers
  28. A&P Visible Body : anatomy, physiology - $$ app which might be a nice alternative for life drawing students
  29. Notability tool for capturing, editing, adapting, annotating, sharing, publishing...
  30. TurnItIn : grading app, but maybe not that applicable to those using myLesley for courses
  31. Notability: note taking, productivity, pull images -- how does this app compare to Evernote?
  32. Will definitely be using BigMind with the Intro to Law Enforcement class!
  33. next app: BigMind - mind mapping, brainstorming - email images, save locally, upload to Google Drive, DropBox
  34. Next App! - Create images & record processes from an interactive whiteboard
  35. ShowMe, free - can see applications for faculty support, not just usage in online classes
  36. Looks like ShowMe could be useful to set up Khan Academy like videos for the Social Sciences!
  37. next app: ShowMe - record/create something (seems similar to SnagIt), save online, upload file into myLesley
  38. can download prefab presentations to use in nearpod, create new ones - similar to powerpoint : free trial!
  39. Nearpod is very cool! - polling, image sharing, quizzes RT : nearpod app
  40. Loving the extremely unique interactive polling and quiz options available via -- Even open ended questions!
  41. logging into the presenter's nearpod presentation during the presentation on nearpod ... meta ...
  42. Exploring -allows 4 polling, creating images, drawing, & quizzes -Helpful for
  43. nearpod app for creating presentations, share online - good for limited access to ipads
  44. re: apps for presenting/lectures, apps for learning disabled students, "app smashing"
  45. "increasing pressure to teach online" and what that means to us as educators and staff
  46. if you've been unable to login to the session, it will be recorded and available later as an archive
  47. . I am giving a presentation on censorship/intellectual freedom. Is there an app, video,that would jazz up my talk?
  48. check out later for more information after the webinar
  49. Should be fun to presenting for TLT Friday Live!
  50. Looking forward to presenting for TLT Friday Live!
  51. Excited for webinar starting at 2:00.
  52. I want to know more about app smashing and good resources for workflow
  53. Preparing for webinar -- There's an APP for That!
  54. I am trying to test our hashtag today! SteveG
  55. hashtag for "FridayLive! There's an App for That Webinar" is
  56. Challenge our Fav App Guys! FridayLive 9/13 tweet QUESTIONS FOR THEM e.g., rubrics; voice-to-text;...
  57. Challenge our Fav App Guys! FridayLive 9/13 tweet QUESTIONS FOR THEM e.g., rubrics; voice-to-text;...
  58. Challenge our Fav App Guys! FridayLive 9/13 tweet QUESTIONS FOR THEM e.g., rubrics; voice-to-text;...

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