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“There’s an App for That 4" Slides, links, chat transcript. TLTGroup FridayLive! 9/13 #appthtTLTG free online

 "There's an App for That 4.0" 
Friday, Sept 13, 2013, 2-3:30PM ET.
Our Favorite App Guys:  Steve Kaufman, Akron University;  Aaron Carpenter, Ashland University;  Tim Lombardo, Ohio State University 

Links to almost all Apps mentioned in this terrific session available via DIIGO repository of links, and with additional links, comments from Twitter #appthtTLTG.
Click here for slides.  See below for full transcription of text chat.

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Text Chat Transcript - 3 sections of full text below 
[Most comments about microphone adjustments, etc. omitted] 
1.  Prelims - Greetings, informal mention of a few Apps, Fundamental Questions 1:45-2:00PM ET
2.  Actual Session - Links, descriptions, additional Apps offered by participants 2-3:00PM ET
3. Afterthoughts "Is there an App for this?" Obstacles 3-3:30PM ET

I hope you find all this interesting and useful!  
                       - Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group Sept 16, 2013

1.  PRELIMS 1:45-2:00PM ET
Greetings, informal mention of a few Apps, Fundamental Questions 
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:#appthtTLTG Twitter hashtag
Timothy Lombardo:I created that with multiple apps
Charles J. Ansorge:Cape Meares, Oregon
Steve Kaufman:Representing Northeast Ohio!
Yanni Cooper:Blacksburg, Virginia
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:Hello from Charlotte NC!
Angela:Los Angeles
Nancy Fire:Hi from Denton, TX

miller mckee:Here in sunny Kentucky..!!!
Carolyn Anderson, Winston-Salem State University:Winston-Salem State University
Linda Gray:Tyler (Texas ) Public Library
M Kathryn Rhodes, Roane State Community College:Hello from eastern TN!
Anja Hollmann 2:Düsseldorf, germany
Greg Platko:Greetings from Charlotte, NC!
Ronda Blevins:Also in East TN! Boyd - Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
Red Wassenich:Austin (TX) Community College
Linda Parker:Greetings from eastern Nebraska
Teresa Prior:Hi from HOT Vancouver BC
Wendy Wendt:Hello from Grand Forks North Dakota!
Steve Kaufman:Everyone, don't beat us up too bad. You're being recorded. :)
Vicki Hoffman:Hello, Vicki Hoffman from Penn State University
Francois Dallaire:Montreal, Quebec
Amy Erickson:Guten Tag, Anja, from Greenfield, MN
Gayla Duvall:Clinton County Public Library in Albany, Ky.
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:David Ross, Bryn Mawr College, been awhile since I've heard Steve G's voice
Michael Dabney:MIKE DABNEY retired teaching center director at Hawaii Pacific Univ, Honolulu. Retired 2012, living now in SHelburne VT., where it is cisp and cool normal fall weather. Personal Blog:; Teacher Blog:
Anja Hollmann 2:@amy hallo
Shonna Brown:Whitley County Kentucky Belair, Instructional Technologist at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA
Steve Kaufman:Who doesn
Steve Kaufman:'t want to learn about Apps?
Kathy Hall:Hello from Kathny Hall form middlesboro, KY
Aaron Carpenter:creative commons is a great one
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I fixed the window - all presenters should be careful about changing any POD - it will change it for everyone.
Steve Kaufman:Youre up Aaron!
Steve Kaufman:(he's the new guy)
Aaron Carpenter:why thank you.
Aaron Carpenter:haha
Aaron Carpenter:it's new to me
Steve Kaufman:lol
Steve Kaufman:sounds great!
Steve Gilbert, TLT
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes
Steve Kaufman:yes
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:connection to blog where we'll continue posting lots of stuff from these sessions:
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:hash tag for today's session #appthtTLTG
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We've hit our 100 person limit!
Links, descriptions, additional Apps offered by participants--------------------------------------------
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SteveK: Record + ANNOTATE
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Key issue for lots of tools recently - need to have multiple device on SAME wireless and/or wired network.
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:GCPBS
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:where do you insert the "GCPBS"?
Timothy Lombardo:Nearpod is also on Android :)
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Aha! click on "join" first then insert the "pin code" GCPBS!
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:cool!
Wendy Wendt:Not working for me
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Yay for veggie pizza... when do we get some?
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:STL, MO!
Wendy Wendt:NearPad is stuck for me
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:What can a participant do after getting to the "thank you" screen?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:But Princeton is the most mature, if not the oldest
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:How do we do "other" - e.g. not a coffee drinker?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Can you show us how many of this group got as far as "joining" your current NearPod session?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We've hitchhicked across the universe....
Yanni Cooper:But what was the question... (:
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Looked like more than 60 of us got into NearPod!
Jen Scherr:Can you post quizzes and polls to students and have then complete the activity outside of a live presentation?
Francois Dallaire:NearPad is it available in French?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Nearpod - free version very helpful, paid version can do even more
Jen Scherr:Great thanks.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:Compare with Explain Everything?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Bell chart or Belch Art?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:What's the space off to the right? (on the recording preview)
Dale Parker:@ steve LOL
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:Post to Youtube?
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:How many files cna you save on the showme Web site?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Thanks
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:5-7 mins seems to be max ercommended for many media things so having that as upper limit by tool is not too difficult... [can now concatenate YouTube videos - so could make bigger /longer video after uploading short ones to YouTube - CAN YOU UPLOAD "SHOW ME" VIDEO TO YOUTUBE?
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:Lost audio
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I haven't lost audio - so your audio issue might be local.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Dropbox, Google Drive, Box [and iCloud and ...] good resources for saving, sharing, backing up!
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:Didn't he say the videos can be saved as MP4? if so, they could be uplaoded to YouTube.
Steve Kaufman:Yes
Steve Kaufman:Mp$
Steve Kaufman:MP4
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Create your own class YouTube Channel" - sounds like another good soiurce!~
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Yes
Jen Scherr:yes
Vicki Hoffman:yep
Linda Parker:yes
Michael Dabney:yes
Patty B:yes
Steve Kaufman:yes
Andy Zucker:Yes, can hear now
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:yes
Dale Parker:yes
Ronda Blevins:Yes
Francois Dallaire:Yes
Barbara Millis:Yes
Kathy Hall:yes
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Steve - can you post the link for Big Mind (or I guess it 's enough to know it is an apple iPad App)
Amy Erickson:What was the name of the last app the first gentleman used?
Steve Kaufman:lol
Steve Kaufman:BigMind
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Notability http://
Steve Kaufman:@Amy Big Mind
Michael Dabney:Amy: SHOW ME
Dale Parker:@ amy Big Mind
Amy Erickson:Thank you!!
Steve Kaufman:Who doesn't have a photo of Steve G. on their desk?
Steve Kaufman:;)
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Didn't know anyone wanted one... signed?
Dale Parker:I don't have steve's photo
Bonnie:An Eskie!
Steve Kaufman:You're missing out Dale
Dale Parker:I know what he looks like by now
Steve Kaufman:wow- that's old!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:
Steve Kaufman:Moving the ball forward I see....
Steve Kaufman:good point.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:So, when we do or show anything in public (or in a classroom, or anywhere that anyone else is present) someone with a smart phone can take a picture and turn it into a published document - with or without your awareness or permission! Makes "taking notes" have some new implications and possilbities!
Greg Platko:Bowling Green Alumni! Me too!
Steve Kaufman:Go BG!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Probably a good idea to avoid looking at some of these pics just before going for annual physical exam!
Ronda Blevins:My husband uses Visible Body in the paramedic classes he teaches.
Steve Kaufman:awesome!
Steve Kaufman:we use it here too at UA
Steve Kaufman:yes
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:yes
Ronda Blevins:yes
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:yes
Michael Dabney:yes
Andy Zucker:yes
Cynthia DiMascio:yes
Kathy Hall:yes
Aaron Carpenter:sounds good!
Francois Dallaire:Yes
magda longoria:yes
Francois Dallaire:Yes
Barbara Millis:Yes
Aaron Carpenter:we still love you, TIm
Yanni Cooper:Yay!
debby sells:yes
Steve Kaufman:nothing but love
Steve Kaufman:for....
Steve Kaufman:Windows....
Steve Kaufman:8?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:THANKS TO ROBYN BELAIR AND SARAH @SK7790 FOR TWEETING A LOT OF THIS TO #appthtTLTG as we're going along!
Aaron Carpenter:yes
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Thank you Tim... been waiting for this myself!
Francois Dallaire:Yes
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:TimL - new Google App Launcher - can use apps from desktop of non-tablet as well as when using other kinds of devices (tablets, phones, ...kindles?)
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:ChromeApps: gliffy (flowcharting)
Steve Kaufman:it's like the MUCH less expensive version of Omnigraffle
Steve Kaufman:cause it's free :)
Steve Kaufman:is it frozen?
Angela:sound is cutting out
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:yes
Aaron Carpenter:no
Ronda Blevins:no
Linda Parker:no
magda longoria:no
Sonya Kirkwood:NO
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:nope - gliffy only
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:No it is frozen
Janice N.:no
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:frozen
Anja Hollmann 2:NO
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Unshare & reshare
Angela:sound cuts in and out too
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:Windows
Aaron Carpenter:audio is cutting out, Tim
Ronda Blevins:Sound is cutting in and out
Aaron Carpenter:desktop is back
Steve Kaufman:there we go
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:now we see desktop
Wendy Wendt:There! Now seeing desktop
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:VOC???
magda longoria:desktop showing
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:VOC??
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Just take over the share
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:II: Apps support foreign fonts? languages?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:II: Compatibility across devices - desktop pcs, macs, tablets, smart phones?
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:OK
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Socrative
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:Great!!
Andy Zucker:thank you
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SteveK: Apps often "companion" to longstanding website tool - therefore, can be used on other devices - wathc for small changes when moving from one device to another.
Aaron Carpenter:evernote
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:Thank you for doint it!
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:Evernote is great!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Using chrome or this new chrome app feature allows you to access all the google apps on a PC - like the ones Tim are showing.
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Tim mentioned something for displaying an android device. What was it called?
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:The challenges of BYOD ...
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We see you now
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:and hear you
Aaron Carpenter:yes
magda longoria:yes
Ronda Blevins:yes
Francois Dallaire:Yes
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:yes we can!
Yanni Cooper:@penny Bluestacks
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:ask 3
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:OK! I need to get an IPAD, finally!
Aaron Carpenter:voicethread is similar
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:@yanni thank you
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I just got bumped from Adobe and returned.... glad we lost a few logins so some of us can get back in after being bumped!
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:camtasia is similar... fut you have to pay..
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Jing is still free for the first 5 minutes ... and still out there... but no bulliten board features, etc. or this interactive features (which is very cool).
Aaron Carpenter:screen cast o matic is a great choice
Aaron Carpenter:lets you save out MP4's and edit them in post
Aaron Carpenter:or post right ot YouTube
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Class Leaderboard" - SteveK is into "gamification" - and newly married?
Timothy Lombardo 2:I have returned
Aaron Carpenter:tim is Back!
nikki:Presenters (like Tim): you can blame all your tech bad luck to Friday 13th!!!!! ;-)
Ronda Blevins:Leaderboard could be highly motivating to some students.
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:yes
Aaron Carpenter:yes
Francois Dallaire:yes
Ronda Blevins:yes
Steve Kaufman:yes
Amy Erickson:yes
Wendy Wendt:yes
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes tim
magda longoria:yes
David Ross, Bryn Mawr:yep
Gayla Duvall:yes
Barbara Millis:Yes
Steve Kaufman:Leaderboards will be the next big thing in LMS'
Steve Kaufman:guranteed
Steve Kaufman:the iWork apps (pages, numbers, and keynote) will be free for all new iOS devices
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Kingsoft works great!
Steve Kaufman:including iPhoto and iMovie
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:TimL BlueStacks Kingsoft
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Several print sharing options now avail - can print to wide range of printers from wide range of devices - with some tinkering and adjusting in advance!
Yanni Cooper:What was the name of the print app?
Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:Thanks Steve, Aaron and Tim! Have a great weekend.
Steve Kaufman:you too Sam
Aaron Carpenter:cloud print?
Steve Kaufman:Yes, cloud print
Steve Kaufman:from google
Aaron Carpenter:
Rene' Antonisse:Are most of these compatible with key LMS such as Blackboard, eCollege, Moodle, etc.?
Steve Kaufman:@Rene, Yes, you would use these in conjucntion with an LMS
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:IVONA Text-to-Speech Demo YES IT WORKED!
Sonya Kirkwood:heard it!
Steve Kaufman:provide links to students for the supporting web sites
Wendy Wendt:that was a good voice!
Retta Zollinger:what about sppech to text for win 8
Steve Kaufman:ooooh Chipmunk!
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:I have a landline phone that can accept text messages and read them out to you! Cool!
Aaron Carpenter:try to utilize some videos in your classroom- youtube education has lots of great resoruces
Michael Dabney:SHORT PLUG FOR TLT MEMBERSHIP: There's a vast amount of info in the chat, all accessible to TLT members in the archives. If you're not already an individual or institutional member, consider joining at the website.
Maida Tilchen:Nextup for text-to-speech. Not sure if they have an app, but the people are very nice.
Francois Dallaire:Is there French voice?
Rene' Antonisse:Any apps to make grading papers easier?
Aaron Carpenter:okedoke
Kathy Hall:will we get a certicicate of completion
Amedeo DeCara:Socrative or Nearpod work well for synchronous online classes. a presententer mentioned apps for students with disabilities - i'm curious what the presenters would recommend for students with cognitive disabilities
magda longoria:I registered and never got an email with my password. had to register again with a different email
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Transition to teaching online recommendations: SteveK - browse for apps popular w your students that might have use in courses
Shonna Brown:apps for younger kids birth to 6.
Michael Dabney:RECURRENT QUESTION: Please comment on use of content without permission.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Derek Bruff Vanderbilt
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt University
Shonna Brown:and how well do they work with smartboards
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Back Channel" - don't fight it; use it!
Francois Dallaire:Apps for Litteracy?
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:Please address Students with disabilities (cognitive, attention, impairment in hearing)etc.
Kathy Hall:what kind of apps you can use in a library
Michael Dabney:Encouraging backchannel communication keeps students engaged
Steve Kaufman:im ranting
Steve Kaufman:sry
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:AaronC - pollanywhere, youtube, - finding or publishing content
Steve Kaufman:STAY TUNED AFTER THE MAIN SESSION. Going to show you the BEST way to find apps!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:AaronC - - free textbooks
Maida Tilchen:openstax
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:tnx Maida!
Aaron Carpenter:
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:TimL - start w app that enhances something uyou already do in f2f course that will not have much direct impact on students' grades
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:TimL - visual clues + timer - App for that
Aaron Carpenter:apps for disabilities:
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:Thank you Aaron!
Aaron Carpenter:

 "Is there an App for this?" Obstacles, more links, descriptions, additional Apps offered by participants and our favorite App Guys!

cindy potteiger:Will we be sent the recording link for this, I missed a lot unfortunately
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:What a great beginning of the FridayLive season!
Aaron Carpenter:It's been fun!
Steve Kaufman:always a pleasure aaron
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Me with my Greenville Tech colleagues Jan Bishop & Rene Sawyer... see you on 9/27!
debby sells:Thanks thanks irina!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We'll be talking about our 5 years of working on Collaborative Curriculum Development with a large multi-disciplinary group and the impact it has had on student learning...
magda longoria:thank you
Amber Flynn:is there a document to print off of a list of apps you went over?
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Michel had to run.
Dale Parker:The sites are in Diigo
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:Dale go ahaid
Timothy Lombardo 2:Toastmaster Timer (android):'m definitely interested in apps more applicable to cognitive disablities, if anyone has that expertise (i saw the links added above)
Steve Kaufman:nextup
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Jen Scherr:I need an app like Good Reader but not Good Reader. It can edit a PDF, draw, highlight, draw, make notes. We can't find one comparable to Good Reader, do you know of one?
Lee Walalce:where on Diigo? I just came in late....
Aaron Carpenter:
magda longoria:yes
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:So simple and elegant!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Will William Shatner be featured in adds soon? sounds lke expedia!
Aaron Carpenter:
kelly webster:what apps can you use if your librarian
Aaron Carpenter:I was giong to show Duolingo...
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:It does!!
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Need to step away for a minute
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Free as in 'free beer' vs. free as in 'free puppy'" - very relevant to faculty beginning to explore such options!
Aaron Carpenter:there's a Merlot resource app.
Jamie:Is it flipboard?
Aaron Carpenter:might be hand y for librarries ideas for language learning, translations apps?
Aaron Carpenter:Duolingo is a fun app for language learning
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Key featureof FlipBoard is the "look and feel" when used on iPad - beautiful, smooth
Aaron Carpenter:I've been working through the spanish (again)
Linda Parker:What is the URL for clipboard? or flipboard? mic cut out and i missed the name ofthe app
Aaron Carpenter:flipboard
Aaron Carpenter:
Timothy Lombardo 2:'m also an ESL tutor exploring "flipped classroom" techniques - been researching apps for this context
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Digital storytelling: storify etc....
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:MERLOT App for education - connected with MERLOT org?
Aaron Carpenter:
Timothy Lombardo 2:CloudOn
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:App smashing example done by elementary school students:
Aaron Carpenter:Android version:
Jen Scherr:Love CloudOn! We just discovered it.
Aaron Carpenter:for photo manipulation, I really like Snapseed for iPad
Steve Kaufman:Explain Everything is VERY good
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I am back
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Irina, Dale - any more questions to pass along or highlight for App Guys?
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:We still have 57 participants logged in! Is it not the testemony of the success for todays' session?!
Dale Parker:I don't think there are any more, Irina?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:App Guys: want to ask our audience for help w any challenge? Capture Instructor's Handwriting & Audio - for Movies?
Angela:can you add a podcast?
magda longoria:is there an app for kids or people can create their own books and stories and download pictures using their own photos?
Aaron Carpenter:
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:
Steve Gilbert, TLT What do we call the experience AFTER info overload? kind of like what do you do when instant gratification isn't fast enoughj!
Jen Scherr:This has been fantastic, thank you! I need to run, sdaly.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Extreme example of app that DOES allow usage across almost all devices, platforms: Evernote
Amber Flynn:sorry to be dense, but can you tell me where to find notes in diigo?
Irina Ivliyeva, Misouri S&T:Sadly, i ahve to leave now. Thank you for a PHENOMENAL session!
Aaron Carpenter:android has increasingly huge market share...
Steve Kaufman:agreed
Steve Kaufman:we're almost there
Dale Parker:steve put the link above to diigo
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
Amber Flynn:thank you
Gayla Duvall:Thank You
Dale Parker:yes
Carolyn Anderson, Winston-Salem State University:Thank you
Aaron Carpenter:where's the pain?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:App guys: What is your biggest apprehension about doing more online in your courses? COMFORT LEVEL
Dale Parker:students at different tech levels
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:FEAR OF NOT HAVING ENBOUGH TIME staff support, training yes
Barbara Millis:Don't feel tech-savvy enough to risk it.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Fear of looking like a fool ; fear of not being able to be recognized as an authority
Dale Parker:faculty resistance funding, skill set, level of "tech/computer savviness", faculty resistance, too
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Fear of not being able to "read" students' attitudes
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Fear of trying to do something and having it blow up in your face institutional adoption
Dale Parker:I say that up front I am new we will learn together funding, budget
Dale Parker:FEAR
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Faculty unaware of and unattracted to traingin and related resources!
Barbara Millis:I think it's a time issue. attendances is something we've been struggling with forever
Rhonda Bonnstetter:Mostly time to learn, then to implement; faculty also need to know how to answer questions/troubleshoot with the tech they are using in their teaching
Vicki Hoffman:We have students are are more tech-savvy that we assign to faculty members as Teaching/Learning Assistants...they are assigned to a specific faculty member and they work with them over time to demo/support some of these newer technologies that they want to use in their courses but are apprehensive about
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:TOL4B MOOCow will assume that most faculty won't enroll in a real online course even though that would be great; so we're trying to offer little micro pieces instread - enogh to get them to feel a little more comfortable about 1st 15 minustes of new effort
Vicki Hoffman:they coach them until they are comfortable going solo
Dale Parker:great idea Vicki
Timothy Lombardo 2:
Vicki Hoffman:works very well in a safe environment....faculty seem to be afraid to look stupid in front of other faculty so learning behind office doors works well for them
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Think about this simple(?) challenge: enabling more faculty to be likely to use a headset live online
Barbara Millis:No mike. Sorry!
magda longoria:glad to know we aren't the only ones who feel a little intimidated by all the youth of today who are so tech savy
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Another "test" to use to confirm your worry about difficulty of enabling/encouraging more faculty to take advantage of avail resources: how many faculty have ever heard of "Bloom's Taxonomy"? Ever used a headset?
Francois Dallaire:Fantastic session. Thank you a lot! Merci! Must Go vicki hoffman's comments above - we're beginning to that here, with faculty as peer mentors
Aaron Carpenter:Indeed!
Vicki Hoffman:Thank you all!, if i'm not mistaken, with students mentoring faculty
Steve Kaufman:right
Steve Kaufman:we all need time to "play" essentially're also finding that we can't assume that all our students are 1/ tech savvy and 2/ have access to tablets, related devices
Barbara Millis:Thank You!
Steve Kaufman:of course!
Aaron Carpenter:great, thank you!
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Thanks so much.
Caroline:thanks so much! for a great presentation
Dale Parker:Thanks
Linda Parker:Great presentation!
magda longoria:thank you very much session! Thank you!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Yes, keep tweeting - asking for help, offering suggestions! #appthtTLTG
debby sells:thanks and is there a place for the certificate
Lingling:sorry, is there a recording for this webinar?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SEE and
magda longoria:if there is a certificate available I want one please
debby sells:so do I
Maveita Richards:I would like a certificate as well. Thanks.
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Magda - We are happy to provide certificates to individual members. for me too, if available.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:have a great weekend!
jpainter:thank you!

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