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TGIF: Improving Educational Quality: What is your IEQ challenge?

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Twentieth Issue, Volume Seven

TLT Group TGIF 1.28.2014           
From Group World Headquarters

Two Reasons to Attend FridayLive this week:

1. Lively discussions with John Sener. John applies the Seven Futures perspective on improving educational quality to real life examples such as this article from the New York Times "Innovation Imperative: Change Everything"
2. Discover how schMOOCers are improving educational quality (IEQ)

NOTE: It’s not too late to join the 7 Futures schMOOC. Register for the schMOOC

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    Members Exchange
    Easing into Twitter Chatting*
    February 5, 2014 2:30 - 4:00 pm ET
    Leaders: Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, and others

    Come along with us as we ease into Twitter Chatting*. On January 22nd the TLT Group and John Sener hosted our first Twitter Chat as part of the 7 Futures schMOOC. #tltg7FS2. According to the schMOOC participant survey only 29% of schMOOCers are very or superbly comfortable with Twitter Chatting.  

    2:30 PM ET. We will meet in the TLT Adobe Connect Room to go over Twitter Chatting basics and logging into the TweetChat room we will be using. This is a great reference,  "5 Steps to Hosting Successful Twitter Chats: Your Ultimate Guide" by Ann Smarty

    3:00 - 4:00 PM ET. You can either observe the Twitter Chat through the Adobe Connect interface and or join in the actual chat.  We will follow this hashtag, #tltg7FS2 and use this TweetChat room.

    PREREQUISITE: Create a Twitter account, if you do not already have one.

    *A Twitter Chat is a public Twitter conversation around a unique hashtag.

    NOTE: 7 Future schMOOC participants have been invited to join TLT Members for this event.

    Seven Futures Twitter Chat:

    February 5  Strategies for Quality Improvement: What & Why.3 - 4 PM ET Follow this hashtag #tltg7FS2 and use this Tweet Chat Room

    The Seven Futures Perspective on Quality Improvement in Higher Education Courses, Programs, Departments, and Institutions
    Date: January 31st  2:00-3:00 pm ET  
    Presenters: Steve Gilbert and Beth Dailey, John Sener
    Free to all. Register Here

    This is the second live session in TLT’s schMOOC that is exploring the book "The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World.”

    Author John Sener sees the Seven Futures perspective in every article he reads about higher education these days: “It’s relatively simple to see in articles with a particular axe to grind. For example, why does Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn’s New York Times article exhort us to “change everything” about higher education through online learning? Because they are Free Market Rules adherents who believe that applying market principles to education is the best way to improve it.  The question is, why should we believe them given that their perspective is so limited?”

    In the first half of this Friday’s session, he will discuss the Seven Futures perspective through a deeper exploration of its fundamental concepts: the foundational shifts and the influential futures.  He will make it easy to understand how the perspective applies to quality improvement in higher education courses, programs, departments, and institutions through real-life examples from current articles about higher education.

    The second half of this session will focus on how to relate the Seven Futures perspective to quality improvement challenges. Designated Learners from the schMOOC will share the challenges they’ve identified that they plan to work on over the next several weeks and (if available) the quality improvement criteria they’ve identified that relate to their challenges.  Participants will also identify additional challenges to discuss as appropriate.

    NOTE:  You do not need to be enroll in the 7 Futures schMOOC to participate in the session though you are welcome to join,register here.

    FridayLive! schedule:
    February 7 TBD
    February 14 Ready, Set, Go! Crossing the Starting Line to Improving Quality February 21 Improving Learning and Teaching in a Screen Captured World: Sharing Your Plan to Action

    MOOCs Round Five
    Seven Futures schMOOC*

    Central course communication site: tlt.gs/7FS2
    Twitter HashTag: #tltg&FS2

    Week 1 Learning Plan:
    Week 2 Learning Plan
    *schMOOC = somewhat connectivist, hypothetically Massively Open Online Course -- designed to capture the flexible and experimental nature of this course.

    It’s not too late to join the schMOOC 
    Seven Futures of American Education v2.0 (#tltg7FS2):
    Perspectives, Strategies, Plans
    January 17 - February 22, 2014
    Presenters; Steve Gilbert and John Sener

    Get across the starting line! Seven Futures of American Education (7F) is designed to help those who work in higher education (faculty, administrators, other professional staff) increase their ability to create positive educational change by using the ideas in Seven Futures.

    Perspectives -- This schMOOC will present the Seven Futures perspective on improving educational quality. Participants will discuss these perspectives and compare them with their own personal perspectives. Participants will also identify where they stand on committing to quality improvement, and identify one or more issues they face in trying to improve educational quality.

    Strategies -- 7F will present and discuss a wide array of strategies for re-empowering learning and teaching, revitalizing the educational enterprise, and using online learning to improve education. Participants will select one or more quality improvement strategies that address their self-identified issues, based on a combination of Seven Futures and personal perspectives.

    Plans -- The course will enable participants to create the outline for an action plan for implementing one or more quality improvement strategies in their course, program, or institution.

    This schMOOC* is based the book The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World by John Sener.  We highly encourage participants to purchase a copy of the book to help get the most out of this experience. (Participants can take this course without having or using the book.)  This schMOOC will also offer multiple paths for participation, including a well-sequenced set of guided learning activities (“Action Path”), a Book Club Path and a DIY (“Design-It-Yourself”) option.

    Seven Futures Schedule
    The series will consist of four live synchronous sessions (Jan 17, 31, Feb 14 & 21), two Twitter Chats (Jan 22 & Feb 5) and many ways for you to chose your own path and create your own experiences over a 5 week period of time.

         #TLTGroup, #tltgFRLV, #tltg7FS2
    Encourage. Enable. Engage.

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