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2.3.2015 TGIF: Apps for Making it Stick on FridayLive!

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Twenty-third issue, Volume Eight
TLT Group TGIF 2.03.15
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A BIG Thank You to Cynthia Wilson, from the League for Innovation, and TLT Member panelists: David Parker, Denise Hyde, Irina Ivliyeva, Lisa Star, and Bonnie Mullinix. The conversation regarding student success and completion was outstanding.

On FridayLive! this week, Apps for Making it Stick

The authors of the book, Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, organized learning strategies around four categories: retrieval, elaboration, generation, and reflection. Penny Kuckkahn and Stephen Kaufman will be recommending apps associated with those same categories. It will be a fun and high energy packed session. Register Here

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 Members Exchange

Keeping Up - Semi-Stone Soup
Share Something New, Useful
DATE: February 4, 2015
TIME: 3-4 pm Eastern
PRESENTERS: Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey and others

In this informal session, TLT Members are invited to participate in several different ways:
  • Share something new you are experimenting with or have just discovered.
  • Come with questions or challenges you are facing. We will brainstorm possible solutions together.
  • Come and listen.

You are invited to indicate what you plan to share or your burning question/challenge ahead of time. This is purely optional but if you would like to do so, this link will take you to a Google form.

Upcoming Member Exchange events
February 4, 2015 Keeping Up - Semi Stone Soup
February 11, 2015 TOL4B Planning
February 18, 2015 Can We Influence App Dependency
February 25, 2015 PLANNING MEETING, 1st Spring 2015 Book Discussion - The Cobweb: Can the Internet be Archived

FridayLive! Free to all!
Date: February 6, 2015  
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET - free to all
Presenters: Stephen Kaufman, The University of Akron, Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College, Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, TLT Group

You may have joined us in November when we talked together about the book “Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.” Our app stars are back to help us explore various apps students and faculty can use to facilitate learning related to concepts in the book such as
  • Retrieval (quizzing, flashcards, etc)
  • Elaboration (use of metaphor and visual images)
  • Reflection
  • Generation - the act of trying to solve a question or problem rather than being presented with information.

If you haven’t purchased the book, you may want to do so, Purchase the book  here.

If you want to brush up on some of the concepts, you may want to read 1 or 2 of the resources suggested by Harvard Business Press or review this set of flashcards.

TLT Members have access to the recording from the November 7th event here.

Up-coming FridayLive! events
February 13, 2015 What Does Cognitive Science Say about Using Technology in the Classroom?
February 20, 2014 Adding Your Voice with Movenote

 Spring 2015 Book Discussion Series

March 13, 2015
The Cobweb: Can the Internet be Archived. New Yorker Article (1/26/2015) (+ one other TBD)

April 10, 2015
Doxiadis, A & Papadimitriou, CH. (2009).
Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth. Bloomsbury.

May 8, 2015
Medina, John (2014) Brain Rules, (Updated and Expanded): 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School, Seattle, WA: Pear Press

June 12, 2015

Alameddine, Rabih (2014) An Unnecessary Woman Nov 11, 2014,  Grove Press

 Encourage. Enable. Engage.

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