Monday, September 18, 2006

“Don’t trust anyone over 30” vs. “They’re delightful once they’re 30”

Transition: From “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” to “They’re delightful once they’re 30.”

When I was under 30, some of my generation said we couldn’t trust anyone older.

About 15 years ago, when I was over 30 and had 3 kids, I was returning from keynoting a conference and got a ride to the airport from a retired faculty couple. They were on their way to “the city” for a special evening. I was worrying about one of my children and asked for advice. They chuckled, and then assured me: “Once they’re 30, they’re delightful.”

I’ve passed along that advice often since then. Of course, one’s own children are always wonderful in their own uniquely challenging ways. But from ages 10-25 they are also unpredictably difficult.

PS: I just spent a prematurely delightful weekend with my 26-year old son and his wife in Chicago.

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