Sunday, September 24, 2006

Password Fatigue - More TMI/TMO!

TMI/TMO: Too Much Information/ Too Many Options!

"... Password fatigue has created a rich environment for identity exploitation, said Robert Douglas, an information security consultant. "

Read more excerpts below about passwords, identity, and related services; follow link for full text. Anyone want to recommend one of these password management services? Or would doing so be too much like challenging hackers to break them? Steve Gilbert

"...the abundance of frequently changing passwords -- and the confusing jumble of permutations and combinations most computer users create -- are not only inconvenient, they often undermine the very security goal they were meant to achieve."

"...Dozens of companies such as Siber Systems Inc. in Fairfax make software that consolidate various passwords under a single master password. Siber Systems, for example, has a program called Roboform that automatically unlocks all the sites users visit, by consolidating all log-in information into one master password. (Even password management has its limitations. If users forget the master password, they're simply out of luck and must re-register.)

"Sites like have surfaced in response to the frustration of having to register for an account just to read a news story, for example. That site lists generic usernames and passwords that anyone can use to gain access, as well as a system that allows users to note whether the name and password worked or not, keeping the list fresh."

FROM: "Access Denied," by Yuki Noguchi, Washington Post, Washington Post Staff Writer, Saturday, September 23, 2006; D01

If you have time - and you don't - visit the Overloaditorium to commiserate with the vast majority of us who cannot keep up.

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