Friday, September 29, 2006

SUGGESTION BOX Favorite Online Tools/Resources

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Steve Gilbert
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  1. I hope you will recommend some of your favorite "free" or almost free items.... Thanks, Steve Gilbert

  2. One way that I look at this sort of favorites list is by considering the list of software programs that I make sure to install on any new computer. I have my list of "stuff" that I install right away when I get a new machine. I guess that's part of what I consider "my favorite things."

    A new/recent favorite is Windows Live Writer, located at You download this program to your computer, compose blog postings in it, and then publish the posting on your blog.

    It offers a WYSIWYG interface that allows easy insertion of images, including Windows Live maps. After less than a minute for configuration so that it interfaces with your blog, it's simple, easy, and pleasurable to compose a blog posting and publish to your blog. You can do HTML editing if you'd like - and sometimes I *do* like!

    It's a free download. I've put it on all my computers. I'd rather compose in Windows Live Writer than in my blog editor. It will also upload any images you include to a folder on the web - thereby eliminating a separate step.

    So, that's another of my favorite, and free, things!


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