Friday, September 08, 2006

Students Active Engagement - Successful use of IT [TLT-SWG-27]

Pres. of student govt. at Nicholls State U. used athlete-generated PowerPoint in impressive presentation to La. Board of Regents. Student success story described in 5 minute interview with David Boudreaux (VP Inst. Adv. and source of Cajun Academic Humor - I'm looking for more stories about STUDENTS ACTIVELY, CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGAGED through successful combinations of academic/human/tech activities within colleges, universities.

Can you provide an MP3 recording and some text? Or could I interview you via phone or Internet? Best if recording/interview includes at least one student who can describe his/her own experience of ACTIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT through a successful combination of academic/human/tech activities within a college or university.

We also welcome your suggestions about ways to involve students in our live online professional development sessions. Those invited will receive complimentary registrations. Click here for VERY BRIEF online form for recommending students, topics, and roles - for either interviews or participation in online sessions. Or leave a comment at the end of this blog posting.

David E. Boudreaux, native and resident of Thibodaux, La., is Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Nicholls State University. We appreciate the warmth, good nature, and underlying care for humanity that often emerge from his unique "Cajun Academic Humor." Boudreaux's stories provide welcome breaks in our ever-busier, ever more fragmented lives, and help us regain a broader, healthier perspective.

And, for more Boudreaux stories - Cajun Academic Humor - go to:
I hope you enjoy them!

Steve Gilbert

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