Friday, July 29, 2011

You are not alone!

We need more, better, small group collaboration
Some refs for Small Group Collaboration (Amazon)

  •  to improve teaching and learning with technology in specific courses
  • to address current major challenges in higher education.
We are too often overwhelmed by the gap between what we hope and what we can do.
Too many demands for our time, energy, attention.

Join us  Aug 3, 9, 11 1-2PM EDT for the TLT Group's 4th Annual Online Symposium on Frugal Innovation and Collaborative Change 
Queries & Strategies for Frugal Innovation, Collaborative Change via Small Group Collaboration
Free registration for TLT Group Members; Fee for non-members.
Guest presenters will describe/demonstrate specific kinds of successful small-group collaboration:
  • Student-Faculty
  • Faculty-Faculty
  • Faculty-Librarian
  • Faculty-Faculty Development, and Faculty-Tech. 
Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and suggest alternatives and improvements.   We hope that each of you will learn both from the invited presenters and from each other.  These sessions will shape the TLT Group's agenda for our weekly FridayLive! online sessions in 2011-12 (beginning Sept. 9, 2pm Eastern) and other projects. 

We welcome all in higher education - faculty, librarians, faculty developers, administrators, but we especially encourage small groups of colleagues from the same institution.

We believe that focusing on small, realistic steps will lead to more widespread, long-lasting meaningful changes. In fact, in these especially challenging times, small steps may be the ONLY way to keep moving  - in the right direction.

Join us!  Register now.

Photo of "St. Louis (River des Peres), MO, July 9, 1993 -- Residents and volunteers work to fill sandbags in an effort to stop the flood from causing further damage. A total of 534 counties in nine states were declared for federal disaster aid. As a result of the floods, 168,340 people registered for federal assistance. Photo by Andrea Booher/FEMA 9 July 1993 from the FEMA Photo Library.
Permission  This image is a work of a Federal Emergency Management Agency employee, taken or made during the course of an employee's official duties. As works of the U.S. federal government, all FEMA images are in the public domain.
File:FEMA - 2129 - Photograph by Andrea Booher taken on 07-09-1993 in Illinois.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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