Monday, July 11, 2011

Adjuncts Become More Important [At least more widely used; but "get no respect"?]

"I get no respect"
#vwwt2000 PREDICTION #18 OF 20 from year 2000 
Adjuncts Become More Important
Adjunct faculty members, especially retirees from first careers, will continue to become a growing part of the teaching faculty at most colleges – both in classrooms and online. Support services for adjuncts will become more common and necessary. Part-time teaching may prove among the most attractive and self-respect-enhancing new retirement options.

See: Adjunct Faculty:  Conflicting Trends? More Part-Time Teachers vs. Delayed Retirements 1995-20??  


I'm still waiting for the increases in support services for adjuncts commensurate with their numbers and the extent to which undergraduate programs rely on them.  I'm also still waiting for the "self-respect-enhancing new retirement options"! 
In year 2000, along with many others, I noticed the increasing role of part-time faculty in higher education instruction.  However, I did NOT anticipate the current economic recession and how it would press so many "senior" faculty members to delay their retirement and how that might change the balance of part-time and full-time teachers encountered by most undergraduate students.]

- 18th of 20 predictions from "A New Vision Worth Working Toward: Connected Education and Collaborative Change," Steven W. Gilbert, 2000-2006, First version published via AAHESGIT listserv January, 2000; PDF of full article

Image: Photo of seagull sitting on head of statue with indications of guano. "No respect! This seagull simply has no respect for General Napier" By Horst Uwe Winfried Gutmann

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