Friday, July 15, 2011

iPad in Academia, "Look Ma, no hands!..." June 10, 2011 Webcast

Description (Schedule/Plan, Resource Links Below)
Lisa Star will talk about her knowledge and experience with the iPad in online courses.  Lisa has a wealth of experience both teaching online and training teachers to teach online. She has also taken many online courses herself. In those various settings, she has employed the iPad.  In addition, Lisa has an added layer of engagement with the iPad; on account of recent physiological conditions, she can no longer use a keyboard and has had to implement voice recognition technologies as alternatives to keyboards. The iPad has been especially useful on this frontier. We look forward to hearing more about her practical experience with this new technology.

Resources & Links



1:55 pm Orientation - David McCurry, TLT Group
Poll - Who are we today?
"While you're doing this poll, pls insert into text chat your institution and a question or hope about today's session!"
Poll - How did you learn about this event?
Orientation = guidance, demos, games/activities on how to optimize participation DURING this session.   Include both "public" and private text chat message practice.

2:00 pm Introduction - Steve Gilbert, TLT Group

2:05 pm Presenter(s)/Interviewee(s)
What is current availability of iPads for faculty, students at your institution?
What do you expect for future "penetration" "adoption" use, policies, prevention of use of iPads at your institution??

Poll #1
Select the appropriate statement completion.  Where I live or work:
1.       There is currently 1 iPad available to me
2.       There is currently more than 1 iPad available to me
3.       There is no iPad available to me, but I would like one
4.       There is no iPad available to me, and I don't want one
5.       What is an iPad?
Poll #2
How many iPad apps do you think/estimate are currently available:
1.       100-500
2.       500-1000
3.       1000-10000
4.       More than 10000
Poll #3
Do you expect that iPads will play a significant role in education within the next 3 years?
1.       Yes, good.
2.       Yes, bad.
3.       No.
4.       I have no idea
Poll #4
Do you suffer from TOD?
1.       Absolutely
2.       Not yet but getting close
3.       No way
Poll #5
Do you think that from what you learned today you are more or less apt to consider using iPad as a teaching and/or learning tool?
1.       More
2.       Less
3.       Unsure

Interview Questions (at least 4 in advance) - preferably provided by the interviewee!

  • What lead you to get an iPad?  When, why?
  • What are some of the features you have encountered that you have found to be pleasant surprises?  Disappointments?
  • What are some ways this device can be especially helpful to faculty?  To faculty teaching partially or fully online?
  • What are some ways this device can be especially helpful to students?   To students in courses that are partially or fully online?
  • Any ways in which the iPad is especially well-suited for use with Blackboard?  With other widely used platforms or tools?
  • What have you been learning about ways to use the iPad without a keyboard?  Ways that might be especially helpful to whom?  Difficult for whom?
  • What would cause you to stop using your iPad?  
  • What features or capabilities would you most like to have changed?  Removed?  Added?
  • What are the implications for teaching a class of students in which at least a few do NOT have iPads?  In which at least a few DO have iPads?

2:30/2:40 pm  Extermission - Extending Benefits of this Session

Presentation/Interactions Continue

ca. 2:50pm Poll/Activity
How might we use some of the ideas, resources presented in this session and/or available in _____________?
What is a small step that someone could take soon to make progress in the direction being discussed?

2:55 pm Closure;  Final Official Comments;  Reminders about TLTG resources & services


Poll - What additional topics, presenters, interviewees would you like TLT Group to offer?  Would you be willing to present or invite a presenter?

3:00 pm After Session    [15-20 mins]  
Continuing Informal Discussions with presenter/facilitators
  • Encourage participants to try using their microphones (w/ guidance if for first time)

3:30PM ET at the latest -  Final Adjournment

Happy Weekend!

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